Watch TV for free with Chromecast? The idea of ​​Google TV

Google TV: free channels, but with ads

Services like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Disney + and even Apple TV + know that the only way to be successful (in other words, be profitable) is to be on as many devices as possible. Hence, there are applications for set top boxes based on Android, tvOS, Fire TV OS and most Smart TV platforms such as webOS, Tizen, etc.

However, device manufacturers and especially Amazon, Apple and Google need to have something that differentiates them from other competitors. That something is neither more nor less than an offer at the level of content that does not exist in the rest. And that’s where Google looks like it’s going to compete.

The company, according to some sources, seems to be negotiating with different television networks to broadcast their content through Google TV services. Of course, that would not be very appealing to the user, right? Well, to make it attractive and that they decide to bet on their products, the content would be free in exchange for seeing advertising.

Advertising as a solution to subscription fatigue

The strategy of offer content in exchange for advertising is not new. Some TV brands like Samsung have already done something similar by teaming up with services like Pluto TV. Even LG also recently announced that it would add more than 1,900 channels to its Smart TVs, although not all would be available in all countries. And that’s not counting the options that exist to watch television through IPTV.

Therefore, that Google seeks such an alliance with certain televisions is not surprising. And that they put ads to make deals profitable even less, especially since advertising is the real business of the company.

In addition, with this they not only provide extra value to users who bet on their Chromecast with Google TV or the televisions of manufacturers such as Sony or TCL that are the first to bet on Google TV as a Smart TV platform, they are also alleviating that subscription fatigue that we have many today. Because you cannot be subscribed to all platforms.

So, for a movie or series that you are going to see on any of those channels, if they put a specific ad on you, it won’t be an excessive problem if you save with it.

Where to watch the new free Google TV channels

As we have mentioned, all this free channels in exchange for advertising is still a rumor. Until an official confirmation by the company, nothing can be said. Although we can tell you where they would meet.

As it is a bet integrated into Google TV services, to see this offer you would only need a Chromecast with Google TV or any other device with the same Google operating system for televisions.

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