What you think you saw (and didn’t see) in the Matrix 4 trailer

Matrix 4 Resurrection, first trailer

The next December 22, 2021 the fourth Matrix movie will be released, a film that could be said to serve as a reboot of the saga. We already told you everything we know about Matrix 4 to date, but now the trailer arrives and that gives us to think about new details.

Like it will serve so that there are opinions of all kinds. Because there will be those who think that a fourth installment was not necessary. Especially because to see how they link with what was seen in Matrix Revolutions until the explanation of the aging of the characters, new faces, etc. So before I talk to you about curious things that can be seen in the trailer, take a look again or do it for the first time if you haven’t seen it yet.

Matrix Resurrections Official Trailer

Matrix Resurrection Official Trailer (VOSE)

The secrets of the Matrix trailer

Matrix 4 Resurrections will not leave anyone indifferent and that is something that must be very clear from now on. There will be those who find this film unnecessary, others who will think that the closure that the third installment represented, also who will hallucinate and finally who will go without any kind of expectation beyond enjoying and seeing how the story continues to evolve. .

What do you think? Well, only you can answer that question, but we are not going to give any kind of opinion until we see it. What we are going to do is tell you some Matrix 4 trailer secrets that you might have missed.

A new Matrix

The first secret or detail rather is that what we see as soon as we start is a new Matrix. When Neo manages to defeat the machines, what really is to agree a truce so that the smoke can live free in Sion, disconnected from that simulation that was the Matrix.

Well now there seems to be a new version, a somewhat darker and unfinished at the same time. For this reason, there are some areas where what appears is the classic green color code that shapes the entire environment.

Blue pills for everyone

In the Matrix, two pills were used, one red and one blue, to symbolize two options. With the blue the person who took it forgotten everything that happened and he continued with his normal life, while with the red one he managed to free himself from the simulation and return to that real world outside the Matrix.

In this trailer you can see several scenes where there are a good number of pills of this type. They are no longer, so to speak, something taboo but something habitual with which they play more openly.

The game of colors: blue and red

During the trailer, there is also a lot of play with the color symbology itself. So they serve to let the viewer know when they are being aware that they are inside the Matrix or not. This is achieved with objects such as glasses, Morpheo’s clothes, hair, etc.

The cat, the first glitch of the Matrix

On the left the cat in Matrix, the first glitch that Neo saw, and on the right another cat in Matrix 4 that makes him tense

In the first Matrix movie a black cat is the first fault that Neo sees inside the Matrix. In this fourth installment, a neat cat is present again and that makes Neo somewhat nervous. Or Thomas Anderson, because he is no longer in the real world but again in the Matrix. Why? Well, it seems that a good part or all of it is Trinity’s fault.

Trinity is alive or is she a mirage from the Matrix

In one part of the trailer Neo is told that what he wants most, what he is looking for, it’s only there in the matrix. That or that rather is Trinity, but it does not seem that it will be easy to connect with her.

When Neo meets Trinity in the cafeteria and they shake hands, he does remember her. On the contrary, she seems to have forgotten it and does not know why he is looking at her that way.

Neo and Trinity are connected?

Trinity died in the first trilogy or so we thought, because this scene could make us think that both are connected. Why? For the same reason that Neo would return to the Matrix, for those powers that Trinity seems to have gained. Like that connection and the reason why the machines save Neo is because they have realized that between them they are capable of generating a large amount of energy. Reason why they use humans as batteries.

Neo’s salvation

Also in the last movie we saw how Neo was very damaged, but he did not die. How did you recover? It seems that it was the machines that helped with his multiple wounds. But why did they do that? Is Neo as necessary to machines as these for other aspects of humanity?

Are Agents Still Needed?

There are moments where, for example, an assassin is seen about to shoot Neo and his eyes show the green code of the Matrix. What does this mean? What machines can control other simulations without sending agents? Whatever it is, although these still exist, it will be interesting to see what this new version of the Matrix in construction phase offers.

Matrix within Matrix

In the fourth installment it seems that there will also be reflection on our particular Matrix current: technology. In the elevator scene, Neo can be seen observing how the rest of the people are staring at the screen of their phones. This would be like inviting everyone to think if we do not put ourselves in a simulation that are social networks and other platforms.

The white rabbit

In the Matrix trilogy the white rabbit o White rabbit it had a special symbolism. Here it appears again, because it indicates that liberation from simulation. In the next movie the song of the same name seems to serve as a clue to imply that Neo knows that he is back in a simulation.

The resurgence of 01

01 is the name by which the city ​​of machines, a place that is still active and even growing as seen in the trailer images. This could mean that the machines broke the truce pact or the humans did and that is why they rearmed again. Whatever it is, again there are gigantic towers filled with human batteries (all those red dots you see).

New faces

Is this the new Agent Smith or the architect of the new Matrix?

Neo and Trinity aside, in the trailer you will have noticed that there are new faces. Some of them could be those of a more adult Sati, although it could also be the new oracle. There would also be a possible new architect and even agent Smith.

The architect of the original Matrix trilogy

Possibly the first, because as you can see in the upper scene, corresponding to the original Matrix trilogy, both maintain a very similar position that could be a guide to that same to stage that everything is repeated.

We will leave doubts with the premiere, but it is interesting to see those details, the new Morpheo and others that point to that direction that says that this is the restart of the saga. Like, for example, the also possible adult Sati or new oracle. A way to connect what will come later, or not. We will see.

Bullet time

The first Matrix movie was a success for many reasons. The visual effects section was one of them and the most importantly acclaimed was the Bullet Time effect. In this fourth installment he could not miss and is still present even with the same waves that were produced when shooting for example.

A trailer full of details

As you can see, these are some of the details that can be extracted from the trailer just by analyzing what is shown a little. Even so, there may be some more that you may have found interesting and we have not counted here. If so, tell us what they are. Meanwhile, to have a little patience until the expected premiere day arrives.

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