When is Hocus Pocus 2 (Return of the Witches 2) released?

Hocus Pocus It is a film that you will surely have seen as a child in a Halloween after-dinner table, when you are already at home preparing the setting for cobwebs and ironing your Morticia costume. So you will keep a nice memory of a film that was born discreetlyhit a box office hit like Disney has rarely suffered, but ended up becoming a cult title among a good part of those who lived as children between the 90s and the following decades.

The second part of the classic arrives?

The Sanderson sisters have decided to meet again and proof of this is the first teaser just released by Disney where they shine again in the main characters Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy. The trio that made us the funniest Halloween in 1993 when the film hit theaters with stiff competition from free willy 2 or the acclaimed Nightmare Before Christmasproduced (not directed) by Tim Burton.

The point is that Hocus Pocus 2 It is already in the chapel, as they say, and with a date in mind to see on Disney + with the whole family as an original and exclusive film. In this way, we will have it at our disposal on the platform practically a month before the celebration of Halloween, that is, September 30th. So that we have time to see it several times and on the day of the festival we already know all the dialogues from top to bottom.

Now, the three Sanderson sisters, who are witches who seek to do harm, they return to the city of Salem from where they were expelled almost 30 years ago after an unsuspecting person lit the famous black candle that invoked them. Remember that although they travel to the present, in reality the three protagonists come from those times of the 17th century where witchcraft was harshly persecuted. Fortunately, the tone Hocus Pocus 2 It will be much more fun and carefree.

From fiasco to classic in 30 years

The story of Hocus Pocus is curious because at the time of its premiere nobody trusted it and even Disney herself came to a point where she didn’t know what to do with her: whether to bring it to theaters in the summer of 1993 or broadcast it directly on your covert Disney Channel. They chose the former and, indeed, the collection and the criticism in the media were atrocious.

The fact is that the campus did not look bad: directed the person responsible for the phenomenon High School Musical and the trio of leading actresses was one of the best that could be chosen in those 90s. Of course, after the initial blow, over the years an American television network, ABC Family (Telecinco in Spain), decided to get into the habit of broadcasting it in all the after-dinner conversations on Halloween afternoon, which was penetrating among the audience that, year after year, brought together more and more viewers eager to see it again… and celebrate it.

As you can imagine, now all those kids who sat in front of the TV were transforming it into a symbol of that holiday until it became what it is today, practically a cult movie. So its actresses have also gone from not bragging about having filmed the first one on their resume, to offering to continue the legend in this continuation that you can see on Disney+ from September 30.

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