when will season 2 air?

Notice to anime fans: Jujutsu Kaisen will return for a season 2. The series will offer new episodes in 2023. Here is what we know.

Jujutsu Kaisen is arguably one of the most popular manga in the world. The series adapted from this shonen is just as good, and has been Crunchyroll’s heyday since 2020. But now, more than a year after this launch to great fanfare on our screens, we had no news of the continuation of the adventures of Yuju Itadori. As the prequel film prepares to invade our dark rooms, MAPPA Studio brings us news of the series from which it is inspired.

The meeting should not take place this year, it is in 2023 that we will be able to find all these beautiful people. If the precise date has not yet been communicated, we should not have to wait too long. As a reminder, Jujutsu Kaisen takes place in a world where plagues are created from the negative emotions of humans. Thus, to protect places from a high concentration of these scourges, in schools or hospitals, relics are placed there, invisible to human eyes. Only exorcists are able to tell them apart.

This is the case of Yuju Itadori, an ordinary high school student endowed with superhuman strength and member of a spiritism club. When a demon escapes from one of these relics and takes possession of its body, it is, against all odds, able to control it. Despite this, he is sentenced to death by the exorcist organization and will only be able to survive on one condition: find all of the two-faced demon’s fingers and ward off the threat once and for all!

A film to wait

Until then, fans will be able to find the universe on the big screen. Jujutsu Kaisen O, as its name suggests, will immerse us several years before the plot of the series. The film focuses on Yuta Okkutsu, a teenager haunted by an extremely dangerous plague, who goes after anyone who wishes harm to his host.

After accumulating unfortunate incidents because of this plague, Yuta is found by Satoru Gojo. It is about the eccentric and terribly powerful professor of the school of exorcism of Tokyo. He will take Yuji under his help to teach him how to master this dark energy. Crunchyroll will distribute the film in France from March 16. A great way to discover the universe or to wait until the arrival of the series next year.

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