Why you can’t compare PLCs with a repeater

There are different devices that we can use to improve the Internet connection, especially so as not to have coverage problems. However, not all are the same and not all serve according to our situation. In this article we will explain why we cannot compare PLC devices with Wi-Fi repeaters, since the operation is different and they can also work or not depending on the circumstances. This will help you decide what suits you best.

PLCs are not like repeaters

Maybe you hesitate between different options to improve the quality of your Wi-Fi signal. You may wonder if it is better to buy PLC or repeaters and maybe even think that they are similar and it does not matter to take one or the other. But the truth is that there are important differences and they cannot be compared, so you have to choose well.

To see why we can’t compare Wi-Fi repeaters to PLCs, it’s important to know how each works. A repeater what it does is connect to the router and the signal it receives is forwarded. Therefore, it can act as a bridge to ensure that the coverage reaches other areas of the house. What happen? Logically we will always lose signal. The wireless repeater will not receive 100%, but depending on the distance and possible obstacles it will be diluted. The same thing happens when we connect other devices to that repeater.

Instead, the PLC devices they work differently. In this case, they are usually two devices that are connected to each other by means of electrical wiring. One of them is the one that receives the Internet signal and for this we have to connect it to both the router and the electrical network. We placed the other in another place in the house, also connected to an electrical outlet. The Internet connection will travel through the electrical wiring.

As you can see, the way they work both devices is different. If what you are looking for is to take the connection to a distant place and avoid losing signal, it is best to use PLC devices. They are the ones that will have the least loss, since they are based on the electricity cables. Of course, you must choose the PLC devices well.

Both connect via cable and Wi-Fi

Yes, there is something that makes them similar and it is the way in which we can connect other devices to them, such as a computer, television, etc. Both repeaters and PLC devices will have the option to connect other equipment through wifi networkswhich is the most common nowadays, but also because Ethernet cable.

Now, this doesn’t always happen. Everything will depend on the exact model that we use, since there will be some that only allow devices to be connected wirelessly or only through cable. You are going to have to take a good look at the features when you go to buy a Wi-Fi repeater or PLC.

Our advice is to buy devices that are compatible with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable. In this way you will be able to take advantage of both options, since sometimes it will be better to connect by cable and thus maintain good stability, while at other times you will only be able to connect by Wi-Fi, such as when using a mobile.

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