With these methods they sneak mobile phones and other fake devices on the Internet

Buying a fake product on the Internet will not only mean that you have a device that works worse, but it can even be a problem for your safety. In some cases, they could even sneak malware onto those devices and set them up to steal passwords or personal data as soon as you start using them.

Strategies to sell fake devices

Can use different strategies to make believe that we are buying a legitimate, original product, but in reality it is a scam. This can cause us to receive a device, such as a mobile, that has nothing to do with the specifications indicated or with the characteristics that we expected to receive.

similar name

A method that has been very common for many years is to sell a mobile or some other device, with a very similar name. You are really buying a device that has nothing to do with it and cannot even be considered a scam as such, but rather a strategy to make believe what it is not.

He physical appearance of the device will be similar to the original. The name will also be very similar. Instead, as soon as you start to see the specifications in depth, you find that it has nothing to do with the original. It may be a mobile with a worse camera, much less memory, power, etc.

Appliances repaired like new

They could also use the strategy of selling devices that have been repairedFor example, for having a broken screen, and selling it as new. A common problem in these cases is that the parts may not be original. You could have a worse performing component that has been replaced by an inferior model.

This can happen more with pieces that are not seen with the naked eye. For example, in a mobile they could have replaced the battery with another with a lower capacity, but being inside we will not notice it. The physical appearance of the phone will be correct, but it really is not new, nor does it have the features that we expect to find.

Platforms without guarantees

In this case we talk about online platforms where they can sell both new and second-hand products. They basically act as a forum, where users search for something they need and buy it from someone else who has put it up for sale, even if the guarantees are not present.

What can happen is that there is no backup behind. If you have a problem with that product, you will not have a guarantee, nor will anyone who can respond. What’s more, the person who sold you that device could disappear without a trace. Therefore, we always recommend making purchases on platforms that are safe.

viral messages

we can find it in social networks, such as Facebook. They are going to be messages that go viral, that reach a lot of people, with the aim of promoting a page to sell devices that may be fake. They could unify some of the strategies that we have mentioned above.

Normally they are going to throw some bait so that it reaches more people. For example, a very attractive price, a highly demanded product or anything that attracts the attention of possible victims who end up buying that product.

In short, as you can see they can use different strategies to sell fake products or with characteristics that are not what you are looking for. It is important to take measures to avoid falling into these traps and always buy items on the Internet that meet what you really need and what you are paying for. You can always see if a website is safe to buy online.

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