With this trick you have Spotify Premium for 0.41 euros per month

Spotify is a must-have platform for everyone who likes music. It was a pioneer in the sector to the point that, despite the fact that many others have tried to deal with it, none has succeeded. With it we can listen to all the music we want completely free of charge, with advertising and assuming some limitations when we listen to it from the mobile. And, if we want the best experience, we have to pay either 9.99 euros per month for the individual plan, or 15.99 euros for the family plan to share with 6 people. At the end of the year, music is expensive.

If we pay the subscription in Spain, the family plan, of 15.99 euros per month, remains at 2.66 euros per month, a much more adjusted price but which is still somewhat expensive. But just as we can pay netflix in turkish lira, it is possible to do exactly the same with Spotify, paying only 0.41 euros per month for the Premium Family plan shared with 6 friends. Of course, the process is so complicated that, in truth, it makes it not worth it.

Use Google Pay

The first method we can use for this technique is pay using a Turkey Google Play. To do this, we will have to enter from a VPN connected to Turkey, and register a bank card that allows payments abroad, such as Bnext or Revolut. We must create a profile with a real Turkish address, and proceed to pay the subscription.

The next step, from the Free version, is to change the country of the Turkey account. If we only leave the turkey payment profile, when we go to pay Spotify from the Play Store, we will be charged in Turkish lira, which in exchange will be 1.49 euros for the individual, or 2.48 euros for the family to share.

use turkish card

This is the most complicated method, but the one that will give us the least problems. The steps, in short, are:

  • Create a Turkish prepaid card in OlduBil. As we will need a valid phone number (those from Spain are not valid) we can buy one from 5sim, recharging in the app with a prepaid card and buying a phone number, for example, Russian. We will use that number in our registration at OlduBil.
  • When we have the account, we recharge this card by transfer (we can use, for example, Akbank). And that’s it, we already have the means of payment to pay.
  • We change our Spotify Free to Turkey (we must enter from a VPN), we use the OlduBil card to pay for the subscription, and that’s it.

In this way, we can pay from both Android and iOS without problems, so we will not depend on Google Pay or a Turkish Google account on the device.

Pay in Brazil

The third method, although it is somewhat more expensive, is much simpler. To do this, we just need to buy Spotify Brazil gift cards, connect to a VPN in said country and switch the account to said country. Ready.

Spotify Brazil

Now the only thing left to do is activate the gift cards that we have bought to exchange them for months and that’s it. We can now use Spotify Premium, completely legally, much cheaper than what it costs us in our country.

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