You can now enter Hurricane Ian thanks to Microsoft Flight Simulator

One of the most destructive phenomena on our planet are hurricanes and tornadoes. These climatic phenomena are highly destructive and generate many material and, unfortunately, personal losses. Well, thanks to Microsoft Flight Simulator you can see the Hurricane Ian that is plaguing the United States these days after having hit Cuba.

Surely you know the figure of tornado hunters, people who get as close as they can to this phenomenon. Doing this is extremely dangerous and should not be done by unqualified persons. But now we can explore a hurricane thanks to a video game and the truth is, it’s scary.

Inside Hurricane Ian

We have seen how Minecraft has become the quintessential game, since it offers an infinite world of possibilities. Other games also allow mods and other plugins to add functionality or possibilities. Now we see how these «creations» reach the Microsoft Flight Simulatoropening new options within the game.

Thanks to the video on Compusemble’s YouTube channel, we can see the Hurricane Ian as we could not see it otherwise. We can explore said hurricane in Microsoft Flight Simulator at a height of 39,000 feet.

We can see in the video how we are approaching a system of very dense clouds and with a grayish color that gives a lot of bad vibes. Getting closer already allows you to start seeing how the rejections of wind up to 250 kilometers per hour. This storm is already touching Florida, after having passed through Cuba and having generated significant damage.

Logically, this is not even similar to being inside the hurricane, but it can help us understand things. This is just a simulation, but the experience is truly impressive. But, it opens the door to new experiences within the game that can attract many users.

The simulation was not easy

We must bear in mind, on the other hand, that Microsoft Flight Simulator is a very demanding game. The new installment of the game is very realistic in the environment and to simulate the cities or any other area of ​​the game, a lot of computing power is required. In addition, to enjoy it at its best we can activate the Ray Tracing and DLSSmaking running the game even more complex.

Doing this has required the game engine to recreate Hurricane Ian. Watching the video is quite shocking and hints that quite advanced hardware is required for this simulation. Well, you’re not wrong, and for this simulation, a AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processora card NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti graphics and a total of 32GB of DDR4 RAM.

We can get an idea of ​​how heavy the game is graphically. The good thing is that in terms of processor it is not very demanding, but it does require a great graphics card, especially to play in 4K.

The Microsoft game certainly offers a world of possibilities, just like Minecraft, which is also from the same company. We will see that more things are created for this awesome game, because it is surely the beginning of many more «mods».

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