Again, a Windows 11 update causes problems in games

The latest updates to the new Microsoft operating system are being a constant disaster, generating thousands of problems. It has been found that the cumulative update November 2022 Windows 10 and Windows 11, is causing problems. Specifically, it generates a DirectX and Direct3D malfunction with devices that make use of Intel products.

One of the premises of Windows 11 and the latest updates to this operating system is optimization for games. Supposedly, it should give better performance than Windows 10, but the reality is different. Even, Microsoft stopped the cumulative of October because it generated great instability in games.

New problems after updating Windows 11

Microsoft’s new operating system has been developed specifically for the new Intel processors. The design of these processors has been changed, to have a design similar to ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture. This new operating system has not been well received due to the great limitations in terms of processors it supports.

as he said Microsoft in an official note, there is a great problem in Windows 10 and 11 what makes malfunctions in games. The good thing is that the problem is limited to Intel graphics cards combined with certain drivers.

DirectX and Direct3D have problems running normally with Intel graphics products. It seems that there is a dll filespecifically the «apphelp» generates an error. This causes graphical problems when running the games, which may not display correctly.

Microsoft indicates the following in this regard:

After installing KB5019980 with finer details on Win11 devices, apphelp.dll errors may be encountered on Windows devices using Intel graphics driver versions to

This issue can occur intermittently and affect DirectX or Direct3D applications, causing some or all of the content to display incorrectly.


To alleviate this issue, you can install an Intel graphics driver version later than It is recommended to verify that the manufacturer of your Windows device supports the latest version of the Intel graphics driver for your device.

If they do not provide drivers after, you can refer to the Intel Graphics Driver List for information on how to download and install the latest Intel Graphics drivers directly from Intel.

At least, it is something quite curious

It’s still funny that an operating system created for Intel products doesn’t work well with these components. Well it is true that it seems some kind of driver compatibility problem, something that is always possible. But, that Microsoft is the one who indicates the problem, it means that the update is not good.

It also affects Windows 10, but it is more bleeding in Windows 11, which is supposedly a system focused on gaming. We have already remembered that the 22H2 update had to be stopped due to poor performance in games.

Note that years ago Microsoft changed the update verification policy. Now they are tested in the first phase in virtual machines that simulate different variables and then in a second phase in the Insiders program. Note that many of the participants in this program usually report most of the problems that are disclosed and that Microsoft does not correct before releasing the update.

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