All keyboards should have this item, but almost none do.

The keyboard is an element that we use every day, whether it is for working, studying, browsing or playing. Keyboards, especially those focused on gaming, have a serious design flaw that, quite likely, will affect your health. We talk about wrist rest, an element that should be natural on all keyboards but that few carry them.

Surely you have not even stopped to think about this simple element. The wrist rest is the great forgotten, usually only added to office keyboards. Actually, this element that seems absurd can prevent future injuries to the wrists, as well as other problems that you surely feel from time to time.

A very economical element that is very important

Have you ever felt, after many hours using the keyboard to work, study or play, that they run like ants on your arm? This sensation is extremely common and a part of the fault has the wrist position with keyboard And it is that the wrist rest not only helps to have a better posture to the wrists, it also affects the posture of the shoulders and neck, as well as the flow of blood in the arms.

When we write or play, we have our arm on the table and the wrist is in a position of approximately about 30º with respect to the table. It may not seem like it, but this wrong posture builds pressure in the part of the wrist leaning on the table. The correct posture is neutral or what is the same, just like when we are standing with our arms relaxed.

Due to this incorrect position, in the long run we will very possibly suffer major wrist problems. Above all, it is usually given the carpal tunnel syndrome which is very painful and has a difficult cure.

But not only dthey should have wrist rests keyboards, too the mouse pad. And it is that these two peripherals, without the wrist rest, “incite” to have a bad posture.

keyboard wrist rest

What are my options?

Well, there are plenty of options. The “easiest” is to buy a keyboard with a wrist rest and a mouse pad with this element. If you already have your keyboard and mouse and you are not considering a change, there are plenty of solutions on the market. You can find plenty of keyboard and mouse wrist rests and we are going to give you some options.

RAKOON wrist rest keyboard + mouse

The first option that we will give you is the cheapest we have found, being a pack of two elements. RAKOON offers us two wrist rest, one for him keyboard and another for him mouse, made of foam. It adapts perfectly to our arm offering comfort and ergonomics. This set of RAKOON wrist rest is worth 3.98 eurosbeing now with a 66% discount.

RAKOON wrist rest keyboard + mouse

SKAL Gold Coin

Now we go with the funniest option we have found in terms of wrist rests. SKAL offers us a wrist rest keyboard-only with a layout reminiscent of the Super Mario game. We see on the left some coins and on the right a face with a mustache and a cap that resembles the shell of a turtle. Fun and original.

Elzo wrist rest + ergonomic mat

You may be interested in also acquiring a mat that allows you to have a correct position while you play. Elzo offers us a keyboard wrist rest and mousepad also with wrist rest for great ergonomics. A very interesting set to avoid problems in our extremities.

Lexonelec Black L/S

Let’s go with another option, this one only for the keyboard. Lexonelec offers us a wrist rest for keyboards full profile made in memory foam. In addition, it has a liquid and dirt repellent coating for easy maintenance. Something interesting is that this wrist rest is available in several colors and also in a reduced format in case you have keyboards from TenKeyLess to 60% format.

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