Amazing deals on ASUS ROG: XG27AQM monitor and Thor 850P PSU

It is noticeable that the competition tightens and with it come the offers, which in today’s case are more like offers, because the two products that we are going to see are right now and for a limited time with a historical minimum price. We are talking about two ASUS ROG products, one, the monitor XG27AQM and two, the Thor 850P, a high-end power supply. When you see the prices you will quickly go to add them to the cart! These are thes deals on ASUS ROG.

It is true that both products are going to be replaced in not too long by new models already within the 2022 range, so this seems like a move by ASUS and Amazon to empty the remaining stock, which will surely not be much because the prices They have fallen quite a bit for two sectors that are unfortunately on the rise.

Therefore, we are going to know what ASUS and Amazon offer thanks to these two products.


Balance. This is how we could qualify this high-end gaming monitor that will delight more than one player. We start from the basis of a 27-inch screen with a new generation panel called FastIPS that will integrate a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (2K) for nothing less than 270Hz with an impressive response time of 0.5msGtG.

At the same time and thanks to its IPS technology it achieves 97% of the DCI-P3 color space and 150% of sRGB, all with a brightness of 350 cd/m2 as a typical value, while with HDR (HDR10 to be specific) is going to 400cd/m2. Regarding the contrast we have 1000:1as connections two DisplayPort 1.4 with DSC and two HDMI 2.0Mini Jack 3.5 mm and two USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type A, as well as two USB 3.0.

Its price falls from 799.99 euros to €654.23a discount of 18%.



What we have here is a certified 850 watt power supply Platinum which is definitely high end. In addition, it has specific details of the series that other sources do not include, starting for example with your system AURA SYNCwhich allows to control the LEDs of RGB lighting of said power supply.

Another very interesting feature is that it includes a OLED screen on its side, where it manages to show us in great detail the consumption in real time that the power supply is having due to the energy requirements of the PC.

Of course, we will have a 0 dB system where the patented fan ASUS Wing-Blade it will remain static without generating any noise, but will start to rotate when the source temperature rises, being practically inaudible in all cases. In addition, this fan is certified IP57 against dustso it will last for many years without problem.

Finally, the cooling system of this PSU has been designed by ASUS within the range of ROG heatsinks for PSUs and motherboards, as well as graphics cards, so it will always be cool and protected. Of course we are talking about a totally modular source.

Its price falls from 239.96 euros to €209.95a drop of 13%.

And so far the offers on the ASUS ROG monitor and the PSU of the same range, run they run out! And if you don’t look what happened yesterday with the SSDs, go for them!

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