Apple Watch Series 9: the evolution continues

Apple Watch Series 9

The Apple Keynote on September 12 left us with the new range of iPhone 15, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the new Apple Watch Series 9. Let’s see all the new features that this new Apple Watch offers us.

Apple’s smart watch has evolved a lot since its first generation in 2015. Each new model incorporates substantial improvements that consolidate it as a fundamental device for health and well-being. Let’s see how this evolution has been at the hands of its different generations.

From Series 1 to Series 9: step by step

The smart watch connected to the iPhone

He Apple Watch Series 1, launched in 2015, marked the beginning of the smartwatch revolution. Although its functions were rather basic, it allowed it to successfully debut in a segment until then dominated by sports watches.

As with the iPhone, all those who predicted its relative failure have had to eat their words and the Apple Watch already accounts for more than 50% of the devices purchased in this segment. Little by little it added new improvements such as activity detection, guided workouts and cardiovascular monitoring.

With the Apple Watch Series 2 In 2016, a big leap was made with the incorporation of integrated GPS, which made it possible to accurately measure outdoor workouts without having to carry the iPhone. It also improved performance and added new sports functions.

Slowly disconnecting from the iPhone

He continued his evolution with the Apple Watch Series 3 in 2017, with the arrival of cellular connectivity, which made it completely independent of mobile phones. This made it possible to make calls, receive notifications and use applications even without the iPhone nearby.

He Apple Watch Series 4, presented in 2018, was a before and after thanks to its 30% larger screen and 40% thinner edges, which greatly improved the visual experience. It also incorporated activity sensors and an electrocardiogram for the first time, making it an essential device for health.

In 2019, came the Apple Watch Series 5 with an “always on” display, meaning it never turns off completely, so you can always see the time and other essential information without having to lift your arm or touch the screen. It also improved its performance and autonomy.

He Apple Watch Series 6 of 2020, incorporated a blood oxygen sensor, which allows measuring oxygen saturation in the blood at any time and place. Additionally, it improved fast charging and always-on display.

For him Apple Watch Series 7 Presented in 2021 by Apple, the screen was renewed, larger and with thinner edges than its predecessor, which improves the visual experience. In addition, it has faster charging and greater water resistance.

And finally, the Apple Watch Series 8, introduced in 2022, featured a new, larger screen and longer battery life than its predecessor. In addition, it incorporates new health functions, such as body temperature measurement and fall detection.

Presentation and news of the Apple Watch Series 9

Maintaining all the best of the different generations that we have seen, the Apple Watch Series 9, apart from having all the inherited improvements, is presented to us with several new features.


The new Apple Watch Series 9presented at Apple’s Keynote two days ago, «the best Apple Watch created to date«Surprises us with a redesign of the interior for greater efficiency. AND It does so by carrying the S9 chip, with a dual-core CPU with 5.6 billion transistors, which is a beast compared to the S8, they are 60% more. It brings quad-core Neural Engine for machine learning of tasks.

In addition, the Apple Watch Series 9 has been provided with new U2 chip, second generation ultra-wideband chipreplacing the U1, which gives it some extra functionalities to locate other smart objects such as the HomePod or the iPhone, or allows us to share contacts with another Apple Watch through NameDrop.


As for the screen, it remains the same as the previous version, but provides more brightness, reaching 2000 nitstwice what the Apple Watch Series 8 screen had. Of course, the “screen active” remains, even emitting 1 nit for situations in which it is necessary to be discreet.

This lighting is achieved by having greater energy efficiency and has no impact on battery life.

Double Tap

In a lot of situations we have found ourselves having to interact with the Apple Watch, but we have the other hand busy, when a call comes in, to start or pause a song, when we want to set a counter with stained hands, etc.

Now it is possible thanks to Double Tap, a pinching gesture with the same hand that we wear the Apple Watch that looks like the one we saw the Apple Vision Pro operate, and thatwhich is used to start an actionso that we can control it with one hand.

It is the typical novelty with which Apple usually hooks owners of old Apple Watches, since Double Tap is only possible with the hardware of the Series 9 and the Ultra.


Siri is now «on-device«, that is, on the device, so that the Apple Watch does not have to connect to the Internet for Siri to do “its magic” thanks to the quad-core Neural Engine of the S9 chip. So now we can also ask Siri for our Health data with complete privacy.

watchOS 10: redesign and new features

WatchOS 10, the heart of Apple Watch, becomes a revolution for the smart watch, which apart from the various new features it brings, aims to give a new life and focus your Apple Watch on the tenth version of the operating system. The highlights of WatchOS 10 are:

  • Redesigned apps and accesses: The apps offer you more information, as they are displayed taking advantage of the entire screen and the functionality of the Apple Watch buttons has been changed.
  • Smart widgets: Now when you turn the Digital Crown, widgets appear that show us the information at a glance.
  • Advanced cycling metrics– New advanced metrics for cyclists are included, such as average speed, distance traveled, and elevation gained.
  • Data on mental and visual health: New features are included to help you take care of your mental and visual health, such as the Breathe app, which guides you through breathing exercises, and the Brightness app, which reminds you when you should rest your eyes.
  • New Home app: A new Home app that allows you to control all your smart home devices from one place.
  • New watch faces: WatchOS 10 includes new watch faces, like the Snoopy themed ones this time, as well as more customization options.

Availability and price

The Apple Watch Series 9 could be reserved from the day of its presentation and It will be available from September 22 with a price from €499the same one that the previous model had when it was released.


The new Apple Watch Series 9 makes a qualitative leap compared to the Series 6, 7 and 8. Prepare the smartwatch for what is to come with a much more powerful and efficient chip, and allowing enhanced connectivity with other devices to give you true control on your wrist.

As you can see, The Apple Watch Series 9 continues to lead the way in incorporating important new features that consolidate it as a fundamental tool not only for everyday life, but also for health. Furthermore, the heart of the device, WatchOS 10 is renewed in a way never seen before to offer us an exquisite user experience.

Will you dare to get it? Tell us in the comments.

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