Do you unsubscribe from Netflix? IPTV lists with hundreds of movie, series and music channels

If we talk about IPTV lists, we don’t always have to talk about lists that allow us to access content Protected by copyright. On the Internet, we can find a large number of IPTV lists that allow us to legally access thousands of channels from around the world, channels of different themes, languages, countries, and more. Now that Netflix is ​​no longer an option for thousands of users, after announcing that shared accounts are not an option, using this type of list can be a solution.

The lists that we show you below work in any IPTV application, so we will only have to download the list and add it to our application for Windows or mobile devices.

1200 channels in Spanish

The most complete list of channels in Spanish that we can find today is on GitHub. This list allows us to access more than 1,200 channels in Spanish in a totally legal way from Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica and others. The file is updated regularly and we can download it from here.


music of any genre

As we have commented at the beginning of this article, within the IPTV lists we can find content of all kinds. In addition to accessing thousands of channels in Spanish, and channels that broadcast movies and series, if what we like is music, of any kind, the playlist we are looking for can be found at this link. Next to the channel name, the maximum resolution it offers, which is usually 720p. It’s not the best of all, but it’s better than nothing.

Series and films

If what we want is to enjoy movies through IPTV lists, we can do it through this one, where we can find more than 200 movie channels in all languages. This list allows us to access channels with movies of the 80s and 90smovies about bollywood (Indias) and to Pluto TV channels, the free streaming television platform.

IPTV Movies

But, if we prefer the series, the list we need is this other one. Through this list, we can also access a large number of channels in Spanish available through pluto tv. Next to the channel of the corresponding series and movie, the maximum resolution in which the content is offered is shown.

Culture, cooking, children and others

If the type of entertainment What we are looking for is not related to fiction or music and what we want is to expand our knowledge, this playlist is what we are looking for. We can also expand our skills culinary through this other list or entertain the More smalls of the house with this IPTV list with more than 144 channels for children.

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