Download dozens of 3D models for your CRYENGINE projects

Largely thanks to the development platforms that we have at our fingertips and current hardware, many users launch to create their own video games. Here we have several development engines that try to make things easier for us in this sense, a clear example of all this is found in CRYENGINE.

It is more than likely that many of you are familiar with other proposals of these characteristics, such as Unity or Unreal Engine. But in these lines we want to focus on the proposal called CRYENGINE that you can easily download and install on your computers. Like the rest of the alternatives of this type, here we find a good amount of resources and functions for the development of our video games.

In fact, below, we want to focus on a series of elements that the platform itself makes available to us to facilitate these tasks. It must be borne in mind that in these times many of these Projects, if not most, are already created through 3D environments. We always have the possibility of generating our own elements of this type in other more specific programs to integrate them here. But at the same time CRYENGINE wants to make these complicated development tasks a bit easier for us by offering its own three-dimensional models for us to use in the new games.

Here we are not only referring to three-dimensional characters that we can use in our story. In the same way, we will have at our fingertips a multitude of objects previously rendered in 3D so that we can take advantage of them. It goes without saying that all this will save us a good amount of time and effort when it comes to create our content characteristic of this type.

Download 3D content to use in my CRYENGINE games

The first thing we should know is that those responsible for this development platform offer us a good number of elements to use. We refer to content such as complete projects by way of example, plugins, scriptstextures, sound effects and much more. In addition, it is interesting to know that many of these contents that we refer to can be obtained for free. But in these lines we want to focus on a series of objects that are key when it comes to create current games.

Therefore, to be able to enjoy these three-dimensional elements that we are talking about, all we have to do is access the CRYENGINE content page.

If we take a look at the left panel of the window that appears, we find all the categories that this platform offers us. These will help us to more quickly locate those 3d elements that could be useful to us depending on the type of project. Among these categories we can highlight some entries, the food, the architecturethe naturethe carsor sports, among others.

We find these in the form of drop-down lists that we can open to access the content offered here. When opening each of these elements individually, we find several views of them. In addition, we see a button that allows us add them to our library. The platform offers us a series of characteristics of these objects to know what we are facing in each case when developing in CRYENGINE.

cryengine 3d element

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