Everything we will lose when upgrading to Windows 11

Windows 11 is an operating system that is going to arrive full of changes and news. However, as usual, Microsoft’s new operating system is also removing support for many other functions and features.

If we are thinking of updating to the new Windows 11 from the first day it is available, we must know that all this is what we are going to lose.

Windows 11: all the functions that will disappear from the OS

Once we make the jump to the new Microsoft operating system, these functions or features will no longer be available. Microsoft is aware that the number of users who used them was minimal and that the impact on people will be very small. But it is something that we must take into account, since, in addition, we only have 10 days to repent and go back.

Windows 11 in VirtualBox

All we lose will be:

  • Cortana is Microsoft’s first victim. The wizard will no longer be present in the initial configuration of Windows nor will it come docked in the taskbar. Goodbye, Cortana.
  • The wallpaper It will no longer sync with other computers via Microsoft Account.
  • Internet explorer It wont be available. In its place will be the new Edge, and we can use IE Mode if we need it.
  • The math input panel disappears.
  • News and Interests evolves. We will no longer have the time icon on the taskbar.
  • Many functions of the lock screen disappear.
  • The Windows S mode 11 will only be available in the Home edition.
  • Snipping Tool has evolved into Snip & Sketch.
  • Tablet Mode disappears.
  • The timeline disappears, and its functions move to Edge.
  • Wallet disappears.
  • The touch keyboard will not launch automatically on screens smaller than 18 inches.

Some elements of the system have also received some changes. For example, in the case of the start menu:

  • Groups and folders for programs are no longer available.
  • Pinned websites and apps will not be migrated when upgrading to Windows 11.
  • Live Tiles will be history.

And there are also many controversial changes to the taskbar:

  • The Contacts icon is no longer available.
  • Some icons will no longer appear in the system tray.
  • We can only place the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Applications will not be able to customize parts of the taskbar.

Windows 11 Taskbar - Drag Error

Finally, Windows 11 will stop installing some applications by default on systems (although it will not remove them when updating) such as:

  • 3D viewer.
  • OneNote.
  • Paint 3D.
  • Skype

Possible release date?

In the official presentation of Windows 11, Microsoft indicated that its new operating system would arrive by the end of the year. Probably around Christmas time. But he did not give many more details about it. However, as time has passed, we have been able to see some leaks that have given us new clues about the release date of the new OS.

The first of them came from the hand of Intel, and is that their latest drivers finally included support for the new operating system, and referred to it as Windows 11 – October 2021 Update. The second came from Microsoft itself, indicating to manufacturers that their drivers should be ready around the third week of September.

Therefore, although it is not yet known for sure, it is most likely that the new Windows 11 will reach all users in the face of end of October, or beginning of November. And the update, of course, will be free for all users.

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