How to get V-Bucks quickly (and legally) in Fortnite

We don’t know what it is Fortnitebut without any doubt knows how to make even the most reluctant of gamers end up spending an indecent amount of money skinsweapons, emotes and many other extras that the title offers and renews every few weeks, often taking advantage of milestones in cinemas or television and that transform a simple appearance into an object of true desire.

PaVos to make you a millionaire

Anyone who has amassed a good collection of weapons and skins surely you are aware of how extremely complicated it is to get PaVos, which is the currency within Fortnite. Although over the years there have been a number of ways to get them within the free game from Epic Games, these tend to change over time. That is why we are going to offer you a small list of alternatives (updated today) to become millionaires and thus be able to buy that Marvel skin that you have waited so long to get.

Now without further ado, let’s get started with our select list.

500 paVos of the wing

First of all, we are going to get out of the way what we consider to be the most complicated. During the last few weeks, Those responsible for the game have been giving away 500 V-Bucks to some lucky players. This draw is completely random, so unless you somehow know how to manipulate the stats to get it, there is no way to ensure this return. Of course, if it touches you, surely you will be a little happier, right?

PaVos for Ed. Fundadores

Another way to earn coins within Fortnite it has to do with the version of the game you have purchased. If you got the Founders Editionwhich was discontinued in 2020, you will have access to several ways to earn V-Bucks.

One of them, without going any further, are the daily rewards. In that section of the game juicy prizes will appear in PaVos periodically, offering much more interesting returns than throwing a simple battle and ending up in a good position. Within this edition, you will also find daily missions that, when completed, among the prizes that you can claim are included, of course, a few V-Bucks for your pockets.

The third way to get money with the Founders Edition it is thanks to the story missions that with each new chapter added to the game, there are also extra rewards that will cause our virtual wallet to cheer with some shiny new PaVitos.

battle pass

The last alternative to collect a slightly higher amount of V-Bucks is through the battle pass. Once you have purchased it to participate with your friends, they will be immediately added to our account Fortnite 1,500 PaVos that, really, are appreciated. Besides, if you complete all the pages of the album you will get up to 750 PaVos extra without the need for the battle pass.

Have you used any of these alternatives? Fortnite to be something richer?

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