Has Alan Wake 2 finally gone into production?

Five months after the report that convinced us of the arrival of Alan Wake 2, 11 years after its predecessor, Remedy Entertainment seems to have just started the actual production of the game.

Alan Wake 2 appears to have finally gone into production

While Remedy has not yet confirmed that it will be working on a sequel to the 2010 action-adventure title, a recent document released by the studio has at least confirmed that its next game has now reached a rather vital stage of development.

In a new investor report published by Remedy this week, the guys from the software house explained that the new game has recently entered the production phase and that it will be published thanks to Epic Games (as indeed it was suggested last April, when fans really started hoping that the game in question was the sequel to Alan Wake).

Unfortunately, the fact that the production of Alan Wake 2 now appears to have really started also means that we are probably still a long way from the actual game. At best we could see the title at the end of 2023 but, again, that seems like a pretty optimistic hope.

We just have to wait for Remedy to officially announce the game, perhaps revealing the title and putting an end to all the “if and maybe” of the case.


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