If you have a damaged or corrupted PDF, you can repair it in seconds with this program

In addition to photos or videos, a type of file that is extremely important on our computer are those related to the office sector. We are talking about spreadsheets, text documents, multimedia presentations or PDF files, among others. Now we are going to focus on this last format, which is increasingly used in all kinds of environments.

It is more than likely that most of you are already familiar with the PDF files that we use for multiple tasks. These offer us many advantages over other types of office files, hence their widespread use. Both for personal and official use, we use these files both locally on the PC and over the Internet.

Right now we can use PDFs to fill out forms, store documentation, present invoices and budgets, and much more. We both send and receive many files with these characteristics if we normally work with a computer. But it may happen that at a certain moment we find ourselves before a file of this type that be damaged. This could mean that we cannot open and therefore we do not have the possibility of accessing its content.

As you can imagine, this situation can become a serious problem, especially at a corporate and professional level. With everything and with this, although the content is more personal, it can also be important and we do not want to lose it under any circumstances. Hence, below we are going to give you an excellent solution to solve these errors that we can find in a file in PDF format.

This program fixes your PDFs, how it works

For this we are going to use a software solution that we can download for free called PDF Fixer. At first we only have to download the program from its official website and install it on the computer. The first thing we will tell you is that it is a very simple program that hardly consumes team resources. It has an intuitive user interface in which we won’t have problems to carry out the tasks that we are looking for here with the PDF files.

PDF Fixer interface

At this point it is worth noting that we have the possibility of working with several office files of these characteristics, simultaneously. This means that if we receive a set of PDFs and we can’t open them because they are corrupted, we can load them in one go in PDF Fixer. It is enough that we drag them to the interface of the program, for example, from the Windows Explorer.

The repair process as such only takes a few seconds, although it may vary depending on the size of the file or its number. It is important to know that the free version of the application allows us to preview the PDFs once they have been repaired.

repaired pdf

If we want to download these office files already accessible, we will have to get the Pro version of the application. It is worth mentioning that we also have the possibility of making a content capture previewed without paying, everything will depend on the needs we have. This preview helps us to verify that the problem with the file has really been solved, and if it really is important, we can now pay for its license forever.

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