Mac Washing Machine X9, the most effective tool to remove junk from your Mac

Goodbye to all the macOS junk files

As we said at the beginning, in normal use, Macs irremediably end up accumulating dozens and even hundreds of junk files that are in no way necessary for the proper functioning of the computer or access to any important file. They are files such as caches of languages ​​that you don’t even speak or temporary documents that you no longer need and yet have been left behind. Therefore, it is best to do a cleaning.

And given the difficulty and tediousness of having to search for those files manually, Mac Washing Machine X9 can take care of it, performing a quick search for all those items, allowing you to delete them in just a few seconds, doing so the Mac go faster. In any case, you should know that the application itself will review all the files found in case you want to add an exception and keep said file in the system.

It also deletes duplicate files

Even if it is unconsciously, many times we accumulate a lot of duplicate and even triple files. Whether they are documents that we thought we had saved, programs that we reinstalled and many of their folders are duplicated or identical photographs that we received in our mail and that perhaps we already had saved.

As is logical, it is absurd to have the same files several times and this is also a cause of the computer going slow in the long run, since the less storage space is left, the slower it could be noticed. Therefore, as you may have already suspected, Mac Washing Machine X9 also solves it, being able to identify all those duplicities and remove them with just one click. This way you can also gain memory and store new files and applications.

Clutter: the worst enemy of efficiency

In addition to duplications, there are times when our Macs are in real chaos and it’s hard to find some files. And it is that many times the rush forces us not to place the files where they belong and thereby generate that mess. Well, we’re in luck because Mac Washing Machine X9 is also highly effective for this.

The application will allow you to locate all the files that you have out of order and will give you a series of tips so that you can quickly order them again and merge them into the appropriate folder. can also tell you what apps do you use most to place them in the dock (and what less to change their place).

4 times cheaper than your competition!

As we have already indicated before, Mac Washing Machine X9 is available these days at €19.99instead of the usual 49.99 euros and no need to subscribe being a full license. This means that it has a much lower price than what its most direct competitors offer.

The application is also compatible with practically any Mac, since it goes from Mac OS X 10.9 to macOS Monterey, which is the latest version available. What if, also works on the M1, so you won’t have any problem running it no matter what Mac you have. In addition, they offer 30 days money back guarantee. Don’t think about it too much!

If you also want to add a most complete protection with Intego, you can also purchase Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9a package that not only includes Mac Washing Machine X9, but also adds an antivirus, firewall, backup and parental controls for only €29.99.

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