Microsoft OneDrive now works natively on Mac M1s

OneDrive works natively on Mac M1

After a month-long wait since the Beta version of OneDrive for Macs with M1 was released, we now have the application fully available to users. Microsoft has kept its promise and has updated OneDrive with a series of improvements for Mac but also for iPhone and iPad. But especially Macs get great improvements in terms of user experience and stability. The good thing is that iOS gets better accessibility. As they say a Win-Win.

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The new Mac OneDrive offers a better user experience, improved application compatibility, and is more secure and user-friendly than previous versions. The company has migrated OneDrive to Apple’s own file provider platform, which means that the Microsoft 365 online storage service it works much better and offers more features.

the new experience Files On-Demand for Macs using macOS 12.1 or later it is already a reality. The new technology based on Apple’s File Provider platform is much better integrated with the operating system compared to the first version. This means a better user experience, better application compatibility, and better reliability. But it also allows Microsoft to offer new features, such as Known Folder Move.

The new Files On-Demand experience requires macOS 12.1 or later. This version will be the latest supported version. This means that devices will automatically migrate to the new Files on Demand as soon as they receive an update from macOS.

Little by little we are seeing how the applications are getting native compatibility with the new Apple processors. Something very important so that when they are executed, do it in the fastest way and with the lowest energy expenditure, thus achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness. Today we have two already compatible applications, DropBox and OneDrive.

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