More Mediamarkt sales on Nintendo Switch games, are you missing any?

Christmas has become the favorite time of the year for gamers, and not only for the news that is agency but because it is time for memories and old nostalgia for previous times and generations of consoles. So if you are looking at how to feed your insatiable Nintendo Switch, you should know that Mediamarkt has some offers on cartridges for a limited time.

A good selection of cartridges

If you are looking for the best gift for that family member or friend who can’t get away from their console, here we bring you some titles owned by companies other than Nintendo (We have already brought together these games in another piece of news), but they also have sagas and developments that annually sell millions and are followed worldwide. So here you have all the offer that you can buy right now online through the digital store of the Germans.

Let’s Get Fit

We begin our list with a title with which you can burn fat and those extra kilos after Christmas, after the many nougats and feasts that you have starred in. In Mediamarkt you can find it at the price of 16.52 euros.

Let’s Get Fit Bundle

Although before we told you about the standard version of this cartridge, now we bring you East package in which includes the Let’s Get Fit in addition to a pair of straps to make gaming sessions easier and more bearable… for only 24.79 euros.

Two Point Campus Enrollment Edition

Have you ever dreamed of building your own jail for young peopleā€¦ also called university? Now with this title for Nintendo Switch you can achieve your goal. In Mediamarkt you can buy this edition for only 20.65 euros.

Life Is Strange True Colors

If you are a fan of interactive adventures, you cannot miss this opportunity. One of the most popular sagas of recent years. We will put ourselves in the shoes of a young woman with superhuman abilities that he must keep hidden if he wants to stay alive. In Mediamarkt you can find it at 26.99 euros.

Nier Automata The End of Yora Edition

For lovers of the role-playing and action genre, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With this title in which we will find ourselves in the middle of a war between humans and machines with truly amazing action. In Mediamarkt it is 26.99 euros.

Let’s Sing ABBA

A perfect development to play with the family at Christmas or the same morning of Three Kings. Plug in your microphone and start singing some of the best-known hits of the last century by one of the most famous musical groups in history: it will cost you only 24.79 euros.

MotoGP 22

For lovers of motor sports, With this game you can recreate the dizzying races of the premier category of motorcycling and on top of that on a portable console. In Mediamarkt you have it at 24.79 euros.

Life Is Strange Arcadia Bay Collection

If before we talked about True Colors, this collection includes the first two games in the franchise remastered, that is Life is Strange Remastered Y Life is Strange: Before the Storm. No doubt for 44.45 euros you will have a graphic adventure for a while.

Neo: The World Ends With You

One of those cartridges that has left us pleasantly surprised. With an original story and an animation style that delights the eye, its price of 24.79 euros It seems to us a bargain of those that you cannot miss.

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