Nintendo Switch OLED: even after 1,800 hours of playing in a row, the screen has no burn-in

Does Nintendo Switch OLED have good burn-in resistance? This is the question asked by Bob Wulff, the YouTuber behind the Wulff Den channel. The latter created a small system allowing the console to run without ever turning off. After 1,800 hours, still no trace of burn-in.

In our review of the OLED Switch, one of the things that stood out to us was the quality of the new screen. Of course, this was to be expected, given that the latter is its main selling point. As such, one of the worst nightmares for users would be to experience a burn-in. Spend more than 300 € on a new console just for its screen and then finally see this one ruined after a few months, there is something to be suspicious of.

Also, Youtuber Bob Wulff (Wulff Den) wanted to test the resistance of the OLED Switch to screen burns. As much to say at the outset, it is that players can sleep soundly. Bob Wulff, however, did everything he could to achieve a burn-in: he posted a very contrasting screenshot of Breath of the Wild, pushed all the brightness knobs, and even found a way to keep his console on for 1,800 hours. But nothing to do, the screen remained perfectly intact.

The OLED Switch has exceptional resistance to burn-in

After 10 weeks of being permanently on, Bob Wulff therefore checked the integrity of the screen. He found no trace of burns or otherness in terms of contrasts compared to his other Switches. In other words, the console is like new. What to give balm to the heart to all those who take care not to keep their screen on too long or to maintain the brightness at a maximum level.

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Indeed, Nintendo has obviously gone all out to offer the best possible screen to its users. While the OLED Switch is not free from flaws, it cannot be denied that the latter alone can justify switching from the standard model to the higher version. Still not reassured? Nintendo has published its own tips for avoiding burn-in.

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