NVIDIA RTX 3080 12GB will be 20% faster in mining

Just yesterday the hare of the delay that NVIDIA would have made in two of its new batch GPUs, the RTX 3070 Ti 16GB and the RTX 3080 12 GB that would come to fill gaps and compete in a better way with AMD and Intel. Today we know that everything has been a much less premeditated move than it seemed, since the performance data in cryptocurrency mining has been leaked and is quite good.

In an incredible and unpredictable move at the last minute, NVIDIA would have backed down with two of its three graphics cards for “gaming” (you already have to put even quotes after seeing what is seen). It is not that it is repetitive in this, it is surprising when the information that is leaked reveals that the GPUs would have already been distributed to the partners to be included in the PCBs and this reaches the point that various rumors claim that it could even have been canceled or even the so-called “Pushed back”, something like being returned for a rejection of the manufacturer.

The fear of Intel takes shape


It is no coincidence that NVIDIA planned two GPUs within what is understood as the upper-mid-range segment by renewing its graphics cards. But at the same time they are not really clear about the performance that Intel graphics cards are going to have, because it seems that as time progresses they have to get new information about it, otherwise, this sudden reversal is not understood and a few days ago of the alleged information to the public.

There is approximately half a year left to see the latest from Intel and this seems to be the time chosen by NVIDIA to launch both the RTX 3070 Ti 16 GB and the RTX 3080 12 GB of which the first data in mining have been revealed because some beta testers have them. like samplers in your hands.

Of this RTX 3080 12 GB we have known for some months that it would have 8960 Shaders (that supposed SUPER version of the original card) which will imply 70 SM, 70 RT Cores and 280 Tensor Cores respectively on a chip named as GA102-220. In addition, the memory section is the one that really has the most changes, because it goes from 320 bus bits to 384 bits like the RTX 3080 Ti, are logically added 2GB of GDDR6X at the same 19 Gbps and this gives a bandwidth of 912 GB / s.

High consumption and performance

These data should not reflect what the rumors claim, because it speaks of between 340 watts and 350 watts, practically at the level of the Titanium version of this model. The explanation could be a higher frequency than the 10 GB model and above the RTX 3080 Ti, which added would boost its performance.

This (the performance) would be quite enhanced according to the rumor that runs behind the scenes, because although there is no score or benchmark FPS or any game, it has been leaked that in mining this RTX 3080 12 GB will be nothing less than a 20% faster.

It would therefore go from 43 MH / s of the RTX 3080 10 GB to 52 MH / s in this new RTX 3080 12 GB, which is understandable seeing the changes suffered and especially within the memory section. There is no news about the price and it is almost better that there is none, because again we will see a null exit stock and very high prices when there is, unless something changes the trend of the sector, such as the change in the Ethereum’s way of working, for example.

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