Popeye, protagonist of Mario Bros. and other curiosities you didn’t know

And his more than 40 years go a long way, since, although it may not seem like it, this peculiar mustachioed man was born and we were able to see him for the first time in 1981, although it was not as the protagonist.

Mario Bros. curiosities ☆

1. First of all, and as we just said, his first appearance was in 1981, but he was not the protagonist of the video game, but rather he would appear in the background within the title of donkey kong. But the most curious thing of all is that they didn’t want him, he wasn’t even created. The character was going to be PopeyeHowever, no agreement was reached for the rights and, therefore, they had to create Mario. What would have happened if they managed to get it? What’s more, he wasn’t even a plumber, his name was Jumpman and he was a carpenter.

mario donkey kong

2. It was not until 1982 when his name was changed to Mario, which was given because he had a certain similarity to Mario Segale, owner of Nintendo warehouses in the United States. Although honestly, without a mustache, I don’t see much resemblance to him.

Mario segale

3. Due to the resources of the time and the difficulty of creating characters that looked visually acceptable, it was decided to two tricks, the first were the blue and red colors of the suit so that it stood out against the background and looked good in any situation. The second was even simpler, adding a cap to avoid having to create a forehead and hair, since this looked more natural.

donkey mario

4. Although Luigi It evolved until it got its own name and a different design. In the first installment in which the multiplayer option appeared, the game development only cloned Mario and changed the color of his clothes to green and white, however, he did not have a name or anything else differentiating.

super luigi

5. Have you ever realized that clouds and bushes are the same also? Well yes, they simply made the same design and changed the color. So many hours playing and I had never realized it. I suppose many of you would know. It was another trick to spend less resources. They really liked using this.

clouds bush mario

These are the 5 most interesting curiosities about the beginnings of Mario Bros. that we know. However, he has many more in other Super Mario Sagas. If you are interested in this type of article and want us to make another compilation, you just have to ask.

Surely there are many more that we do not know or have not yet been discovered, what is clear is that such a simple game at the time has managed to bring everyone together in it. And who was going to tell Mario Segale that his name was going to become famous. Finally, comment that he unfortunately died in 2018. Although he had time to see the success in which he turned his name.

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