Sharkoon, and your perfect keyboard: SKiller SGK3 vs SGK30 vs SGK60

Are you looking for a gaming keyboard but you don’t know which model to choose? Don’t worry, because the manufacturer Sharkoon has the perfect model for you, and in this article we are going to compare three of the top-selling gaming keyboard models of this manufacturer: the Skiller Mech SGK3, Skiller SGK30 and the Skiller SGK60.

For a gamer, the keyboard is a work tool and, as such, it must meet a series of requirements in terms of performance, functionality and ergonomics to be able to adapt perfectly to the user’s tastes. For this reason, it is essential to choose the model that best suits your needs, so in this article we are going to talk about three of the manufacturer’s best-selling models to tell you about their benefits and weak points, so that you can choose the best one. for you knowing what you buy.

Sharkoon Skiller Mech SGK3, unbeatable value for money

Available in color black and White (be careful because white includes additional blue key caps for the WASD zone), this mechanical keyboard stands out for being one of the most robust on the market, with all its high-quality metal structure and durability. This is a keyboard designed to last and, therefore, in addition to an impeccable choice of materials and the robust metal frame, this keyboard has kaihua switches (manufacturer inspired by the original Cherry MX) available in Blue (tactile feedback, clicky sound when pressed), Red (linear, no feedback) and Brown (with tactile, linear feedback) variants.

This keyboard is designed for gaming, but very specially designed for eSports and for this reason it has features that cannot be missing such as N-Key Rollover (you can select 6-Key Rollover if you want) of capacity Anti Ghosting, a polling frequency of 1,000 Hz that gives it a response time of just 1 ms, gaming mode (which disables the WIN key) or of course its multimedia keys or its configurable RGB lighting.

Speaking of lighting, this keyboard features customizable RGB lighting with 16.8 million colors and more than 20 lighting effects already pre-configured in its internal memory. This means that even without the software, you can enjoy bright and nuanced lighting, although it is true that it is with the software that you can configure it completely to your liking.

Skiller SKG30, a keyboard built to last

Sharkoon Skiller SKG30

With the Skiller SKG30, Sharkoon proposes another model of mechanical keyboard that not only impresses with its high build quality but also with its many features designed to promote the best gaming performance. This keyboard comes in a more compact format so that the keyboard does not get in the way during your gaming sessions, in an elegant black color that is enhanced, of course, by its integrated RGB lighting that provides spectacular effects.

How could it be otherwise, this keyboard is also designed for games and therefore features such as Anti Ghosting N-Key Rollover, allowing any combination of keys to give the user complete control even when the action gets hectic. It also has a 1,000 Hz polling rate (1 ms response time), multimedia shortcuts (via the Fn key) and, of course, configurable RGB lighting.

Thanks to the brand’s software, we can save up to 20 game profiles for this keyboard, being able to save personalized settings for both the actions of the keys and their lighting. However, at the touch of a button we can configure up to 15 different light effects, although as we always say the maximum potential will be obtained when we use it in conjunction with the software.

In this case, the Sharkoon Skiller SKG30 has Huano switches, based on the Cherry MX, being able to choose between the Red variant with linear operation and fast response, or the Blue variant with tactile feedback and clicky sound when pressed, emulating typewriters. ancient.

Skiller SKG60, the high-end at your fingertips

Sharkoon Skiller SKG60

This keyboard is already included in the top of the manufacturer’s range, and Sharkoon has not skimped on anything: this is a device made with robust aluminum High quality that gives the keyboard not only great robustness, but also a great feeling of quality when using it. In this case there are also 14 additional key caps made of PBT Abrasion resistant, blue in color to add a more colorful touch to the keyboard.

In addition, this keyboard makes use of the new generation of Kailh BOX mechanical switches, which unlike normal Kailh are resistant to water and dust to give the keyboard extra resistance. It is available in three variants of this switch: Red, with linear and silent operation, White that have tactile feedback and sound when pressing, and Brown, with tactile feedback but no sound.

As we said, Sharkoon has not skimped on this keyboard and has incorporated details such as N-Key Rollover, 1 ms of response time, or a removable cable with USB-C connector for greater comfort. Obviously, the RGB lighting is also remarkable, as it has 20 pre-configured light effects although they can also be configured through the software, in addition to the great novelty that it is Edge Light, lighting on the back of the keyboard to add a touch of color to the entire desktop.

Which of the Sharkoon Skiller keyboards is best for you?

Sharkoon Skiller SGK50

One of the great things about Sharkoon is that, even though the price of its mechanical gaming keyboards is well below the norm from other manufacturers (for example, the SKG60 is priced at just € 89.90), it is a manufacturer that has little or nothing to envy in terms of quality and robustness, so you can be sure that if you buy one of the keyboards from this manufacturer, it will last you many years without problems.

Now, which of these models is better for you? It will depend on your preferences, but of course if you don’t want to complicate your life, the SKG60 is an almost perfect keyboard in every way. However, if you have a small desk then you may prefer the SKG30 model, the most compact of the three, although if that does not worry you but your budget is smaller, the SKG3 will be the model to choose.

It should also be mentioned that Sharkoon intends to launch the Skiller SKG50 S4, a keyboard that will arrive on the Spanish market at the end of the year or the beginning of the next, whose main difference with respect to those we have seen in this article is that it is a keyboard 60%, with very small dimensions and designed specifically to play without having to worry about anything else. This keyboard also has the peculiarity that the switches are interchangeable with any other with an MX mount, making it the most customizable from Sharkoon to date. We will talk to you in depth about this keyboard when it is available, since of course you can count on our analysis first hand.

Where to buy Sharkoon Skiller keyboards?

At this moment, most of the keyboards are available in Spain in PcComponentes:

However, you should also know that during the second fortnight of this month of November and of course at Christmas, you can find them with great discounts, so if you are not in a hurry, it is worth waiting a little since you will have a great opportunity to get them at a reduced price.

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