Spain is the country in Europe that receives the most sanctions for data protection

Spain is the country of Europe that more sanctions receive across Europe on data protection, according to an investigation by the cybersecurity company ESET.

In the ranking of fines for breaching the GDPR since its implementation, behind Spain, which has received a total of 273, appear Italy (75), Romania (60), Hungary (43) and Norway (31).

In total, the organizations of our country have paid more than 32 million euros in fines since 2018, with an average of 118,000 euros, according to the report that analyzes the sanctions that companies have received, the most common reasons for the GDPR fines and the countries that impose the highest and lowest amounts.

The most common reason for these types of infractions is a insufficient legal basis for data processing, followed by insufficient technical and organizational measures to ensure information security.

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Luxembourg the highest paying

Despite the fact that Spain multiplies by 45 the number of fines that Luxembourg has received, the Grand Duchy leads the total ranking of amounts paid with a great difference over the rest. The Benelux country has reached 746,060,300 euros, figures that exceed by more than 700 million the total value of the fines in our country (32,440,810 euros).

Also striking is the fact that the UK has received five fines totaling more than 44 million. Interestingly, the British are in the top 10 European countries with the fewest fines, led by the Netherlands, Isle of Man and Malta with one, followed by Slovakia and Croatia with two.

Amazon leads the ranking of companies

As for companies, Amazon, with a fine of 746 million euros, widely leads this section. Google follows with a 50 million euro penalty imposed by the French data regulator. In third place is H&M, which has received a sanction of 35.3 million euros for illegal surveillance of its employees.

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