SSDs are going to go up in price for a rather unexpected reason

For weeks there have been warnings of a change in the price trend of solid storage units. For months they have been plummeting and 2TB drives can be found for under $100. But SSD prices will start to rise soon before the controller shortageessential for its operation.

When talking about SSDs, we usually talk about NAND Flash memories. These chips are what provide capacity to these storage units. The number of layers and bits per cell are critical to increasing capacity, especially in M.2 models where space is tight.

Perhaps the least known part is the control chip, which is vital to its operation. Its mission is simple: it tells where the data is stored and prevents excessive wear on the cells, distributing the load. Fundamentally, without this element an SSD does not work.

Price rise on the least expected side

The information pointed to a price increase due to memory chips. The stock would have normalized, above all, by reducing the production of these memories. The price increase was initially expected after the summer.

Pan Jianchung, Executive Director of Phison, has commented that some control chips are in short supply. If you don’t know who Phison is, he is the one largest manufacturer of controllers for SSD drives of the world. Currently, they are the only manufacturer of PCIe 5.0 SSD controllers and the largest manufacturer of PCIe 4.0 and 3.0 SSD controllers.

Come on, this information does not come from any source, it comes from the largest manufacturer in the world. Mostly controllers in short supply for industrial and high-end solutions. What this indicates is a market recovery.

Jiancheng points out that there are still certain excess of NAND Flash memories in the market. The price of these chips has fallen below profitability, come on, they are sold at a loss. It assumes that the main manufacturers they intend to raise prices now, in this July.

So if you plan to buy an SSD, do it now or you will regret it. What’s more, thanks to Prime Day you can get 2 TB drives for less than 100 euros.

Last hours to get an SSD with up to 70% discount

There are only a few hours left until Amazon Prime Day ends and the opportunity. Above all, the 2 TB SSDs are greatly reduced, with two PCIe 4.0 models below 100 euros. We are talking about a real bargain whose hours are numbered, according to one of Phison’s top managers. The most interesting units are the following:

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