Stranger Things: is Netflix suggesting the arrival of a spin off?

On the occasion of the Code Conference this week, the co-CEO of Netflix, Ted Sarandos, talked about everything about … well, Netflix. It showed some graphics that pinpointed the most popular original movies and series that appeared on the streamer’s platform last year, and also talked about one of the most watched series on Netflix, Stranger Things, speaking of one spin off.

Is Netflix considering a Stranger Things spin off?

A few days after the new Stranger Things 4 trailer, Deadline revealed that, at the conference, Sarandos was asked about the show created by the Duffer brothers and that he looked like “Direct and cautious almost at the same time”.

The CEO responded to reporters by saying:

“Franchises are good, but what you want are successes”. Stranger Things is “A franchise that is emerging” and alluded to “spin off”. There was talk of the fact that the star Millie Bobby Brown could take the lead of an extension of the Duffer Bros. universe under the terms of its grand deal with Netflix.

When Millie Bobby Brown was asked by Elle Magazine what he hoped for the future of his character, in the past he had stated:

“I hope she finds who, without a boyfriend, is a male influence in her life. Mike and dad and Hopper and all the kids are already there. Even without Max, she needs to find herself alone. Everyone needs that moment in life, to sit there and think, “Who am I as a person, who am I without everyone around me? How can I really love myself? ” I don’t know if she still knows how to do it. So I would like a story arc for Eleven so that she learns to love herself and learn who she is, which is difficult in the circumstances she is in. I think it needs some personal travel ”.

The fourth season of Stranger Things will arrive on Netflix in 2022 and, who knows, maybe in the future we will also see a spin off of Eleven.

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