The cloud is the main source of security for three out of four companies

The awareness of companies in cybersecurity has increased considerably since the pandemic struck. Likewise, there has been an increase in the investment in information protection. This is what emerges from the data published by PwC and collected by the technology company Nuub, specialized in cloud services for companies.

Invest in cybersecurity

In fact, the 55% of companies globally, your cybersecurity budget will increase, so security is gaining more importance, but even so, 27% will increase by 5% or less your budget and 13% will not incorporate changes. And it is that, confidence in cybernetic processes and budgets currently remains low.

Likewise, data from the same study show that, at present, this situation is changing and companies are relocating their operations (75%) and security (76%) to the cloud, thus eliminating static and insecure systems in favor of integrated systems. more dynamic cloud systems. Therefore, the cloud will be the foundation on which the next generation of security solutions will be built.

And, the advantages that the cloud offers to companies, in addition to the security and digital progression that it brings, is also a way to reduce costs either by eliminating physical devices with which they are not digitally protected, or due to the risk cost savings that data recovery, lost projects or instruments damaged after a cyberattack may entail.

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Likewise, getting rid of all the company’s servers and forgetting about the hidden cost of air conditioning, maintenance, electricity and energy of these machines is also a way to grow in sustainability.

Likewise, nowadays, more and more companies are exploring the possibility of offering their employees a hybrid working modelTherefore, betting on the cloud and specialist companies where outsourcing the IT service makes it possible to forget the concern about possible security gaps that may be created by employee mobility.

Reduce cyber attacks with the help of new technologies

Innovation is changing the rules of the cybersecurity game, so investing in technology, processes and people is key for companies to start fighting attackers. And, teleworking, essential during the pandemic months, was one of the great security breaches that hackers took advantage of to attack unprepared companies.

«All those companies that already had a cloud infrastructure they did not suffer inconveniences, since they had optimal cybersecurity. On the contrary, all those companies that kept their data at headquarters had to quickly tunnel connection so that their employees could work from home. Many of these connections did not have adequate cybersecurity and therefore turned out to be vulnerable to attacks », explains Mireia Salazar, Nuubb’s commercial director.

The company, which is part of the COVID19 marketplace of the Generalitat of Catalonia to offer its technological solutions and help alleviate the effects of the health crisis, currently has a volume of approximately 300 companies in its portfolio, and plans to double revenues this year , up to almost a million euros, at the end of the year. Likewise, the technology company plans to open an office in Madrid at the end of the year and increase its workforce to eight workers this year.

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