Woman survives blow to the head; had surgery for four hours

In India, doctors found themselves in an unusual situation, as they faced a surgery in which they had to remove an ax from a woman’s skull. After four hours, the doctors removed the artifact and the lady managed to get out of said intervention alive. This happened on October 12.

Rekha Dangi, the victim, was taken to the Narmada Trauma Center in Bhopal after being assaulted, where one of the assailants ended up nailing an 8-centimeter ax blade in his head, this according to information from Jam Press. The place where this happened was in a local temple.

The assault victim arrived at the hospital with the 8-centimeter long ax blade embedded in the skull, a situation that meant that it could only be removed within an operating room, since if it was removed from an operating table it could suffer a fatal hemorrhage.

This is how they saved the woman’s life

Seeing the situation they had to face, the hospital made available 10 doctors intending to remove the stabbing device from Dangi’s head and with this keep her alive. Among the personnel involved in this operation were a neurosurgeon, a traumatologist, a vascular surgeon, a plastic surgeon, among other doctors that may be needed during the procedure.

During the surgery, the doctors realized that the metal sheet had penetrated between 6 and 8 centimeters in the skull of the 36-year-old victim. Among the first tasks that were implemented was to repair the damaged meningeal artery, since it is one of the main routes of blood circulation to the brain; Once the artery was working, a clot that formed in a damaged vein was removed.

In the end, the team of surgeons determined to remove the ax embedded in the head to successfully complete the procedure and confirm that Rekha is in intensive care to monitor her recovery.

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