The most recommended radios with Apple CarPlay for your car

An economical radio that has very good ratings. In this case, there is compatibility for CarPlay and Android Auto. To be able to make the connection, you simply have to use a physical charging cable. This will make you use the different applications that are supported on the 7-inch touch screen. Importantly, it is 178 x 100mm in size to be compatible with most cars.

It comes equipped with a wide angle camera that supports night vision. When you engage reverse gear, it will be activated automatically and you can park comfortably, even at night. Obviously, it also integrates FM Radio to be able to consult all the stations. On the front you can find a USB, AUX and TF port to play content from different media.


7 inch touch screen car radio. It has a HD 1024 x 600 resolution and high sensitivity. Supports CarPlay via USB cable. In this way you can access your iPhone contacts, receive notifications or have access to music on Apple Music or even on Spotify. All this without having to pick up the mobile by having everything on the car’s own screen, gaining security.

In the event that you have a steering wheel with different shortcuts, you should know that it is fully compatible. That is, if you have access to raise or lower the volume, you can do it with this radio and also invoke the voice assistant, which in this case will be Siri. The FM Radio has the capacity to store a total of 18 stations, being quite customizable.



To be able to use this radio, you simply have to make a physical connection through the charging cable. In this way you will have access to all the applications that are compatible such as Apple Maps or Music. Likewise, it also provides compatibility with the Android Auto system, being a radio that is dual.

It has a 9-inch Full Touch HD capacitive screen. Beyond the compatibility with CarPlay, the rest of the classic options should be taken into account. In this sense, the universality of Bluetooth should be mentioned, which will allow you to listen to any type of song. It also has an FM Radio and an integrated rear camera that you can install for easy parking.



A radio that has a 7-inch screen and a video system integrated into the dashboard. You can choose to make phone calls, access your music, or send messages at any time. The connection is quite easy, since you simply have to connect the iPhone through USB and follow the instructions that will appear on the device.

The screen is IPS technology with a 178ยบ viewing angle. In this way you will be able to see all the CarPlay content in complete safety. It has all the basic features of a common radio. Obviously, it integrates FM radio, hands-free via Bluetooth and also video output to place a screen on the headrest.

Premium radios for your car

In the market you can find radio options that integrate CarPlay and that are of a high quality. In this sense, it should be noted that they have a higher price than other options, but without a doubt you will not miss any of the characteristics of this system developed by Apple.

Sony XAV-AX1005

Sony radio

This radio stands out for having an imposing 6.4 inch screen and that has touch technology. In this way you will have full control of your radio at all times, being able to open the different applications that are compatible. Likewise, physical buttons are kept on the left side to be able to adjust the volume, but also connections such as USB or 3.5 mm jack input.

It should be noted that it has integrated Bluetooth and also an external microphone. In this way you can invoke, for example, Siri or make phone calls with the highest quality. Also includes a Dab / Dab + antenna. It is undoubtedly one of the most recommended options for your car in the event that it can become compatible with this screen size.



This is undoubtedly one of the most premium options that we can find in the market. It has an eight-core ARM Context processor that offers greater efficiency and lower consumption. This is also in addition to the possibility of connecting to the internet in different ways. The most important is via Bluetooth, cable connection and also with a 4G SIM card.

This smart radio model is compatible with the ATOTO camera which is not included. In the event that you want to park in a much more efficient way, this is undoubtedly the best accessory you should purchase. It has an intelligent volume control, that is, as the car accelerates the radio will increase its volume automatically. Likewise, the manufacturer reminds that compatibility must be checked by having a 10.1-inch screen.

Sony XAV-AX1000


This radio has dimensions of 12.5 x 17.8 x 11 cm. This is vital to know if it is finally compatible with your car or not. As in previous cases, it is compatible with the shortcuts that you may have on the steering wheel. Likewise, it integrates a physical regulator to be able to adjust the volume to which you have the radio.

It integrates a rear view camera. To park this is something fundamental in many people who find it much more difficult. The EXTRABASS function adds power to the bass, which is important in many stereos. It gives the option of creating virtual speakers on the dashboard so that at any time you can adjust from where you listen to your favorite music.



In case this radio model is compatible with very specific cars such as the Volkswagen Golf, Touran, Caddy and CC. It stands out for having a 6.5-inch touch screen that is completely tactile. Likewise, on the sides and at the bottom you can find controls that are physical to quickly access the browser or the radio. In addition, it also has a connection for SD cards and a USB port.

It should be noted that the rear camera function is activated by default. That is why you must already have the necessary accessories. The compatibility with CarPlay is total, so you just have to connect the iPhone via USB cable and use all the applications that are compatible with Spotify or Podcast among others.

Carlinkit 2021


A very interesting option if you have a A3 (2013 to 2018) or Q7 (2016 to 2018). It allows you to have CarPlay in these vehicles without disassembling the original audio system. In this way you can make hands-free calls or use the Apple assistant without any problem, even if it was not originally intended that way. For this you can use a wireless or cable connection.

If you want to share content directly with the radio screen, you can use the AirPlay function. Once the connection is made, applications such as Waze or Google Maps can be used. All this with an exceptional guarantee system so that at no time you are left unattended when a problem appears.



Radio compatible with the Audi S3, A3 and RS3 from 2006 to 2012. It has CarPlay, but also Android 10. In this way you can enjoy the trips thanks to all the content that you can play. For example, it supports a Wifi connection to be able to download many applications, songs and videos. Likewise, it also stands out for having a CD, DVD or SD reader.

You can connect the multimedia functions through different systems. At first, through the 7-inch touch screen. But you can also find physical buttons on the sides to be able to navigate between the different functions. Likewise, it is prepared to connect to sound equipment that is not integrated to offer the best possible experience.

The ones we recommend

In this article we have seen that there are many radios that can be found on Amazon of different prices. In this case we must recommend the model of Sony, for the premium features it has. Despite having a high price, it can be a radio that offers you great durability over time. And also with quality materials and with a wide variety of functions that will allow you to be connected at all times.

But if you want a much more competitive price, we recommend the brand Hodozzy. The radio model they offer has a size that is practically universal. That is, it can surely be installed in your car. With a fairly low price, you will have CarPlay technology to quickly connect your iPhone and enjoy all the applications that are compatible.

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