The price of LEGO is going to go up: how much, when and why

The truth is that almost everything that is happening we have to thank COVID-19, that virus that has kept us on edge for almost two years and that caused in 2020 an industrial stoppage from which we are still recovering today and that leaves a trail of shortages of many components, a runaway demand for certain products and, consequently, a rise in prices that will leave our pockets shivering.

LEGOs go up in price

You only have to look at any digital medium to realize that the situation is starting to catch up to virtually any industrial sector and the one with the toys is one of them. Now it has transpired that LEGO is also being affected by the restrictions to access the supply of certain products that are necessary to build its famous sets, so the Danish company has made the decision to start a price adjustment process. And not exactly down.

The fact is that those problems to access the necessary components to manufacture their sets, coupled with the price increase in the manufacturing process itself (we’re not even talking about energy, right?) has forced the toy company to decide to increase the price of its sets between 5 and 25%. This does not mean that a clean slate is applied to increase the cost to users of everything that LEGO puts on sale, since there will be sets that do not modify what it costs us while others will suffer a more than evident increase in cost.

If we analyze what the company said, surely the highest percentage of price increase would be applied on the largest sets or of a medium-high level to, from there, gradually reduce that amount as we situate ourselves in the most economical models, normally below 100 euros.

When will prices go up?

This measure is not immediate but we have already warned you that it will not take too long either. According to the company’s own statement, these new prices will begin to be adjusted throughout its range of sets. between the months of August and September of this same year.

In the official statement, LEGO warns that “the current global economic challenges of the increase in [los precios de] raw materials and operating costs are affecting many companies.” They also recognize that they have always put “consumers first” but they cannot continue with a strategy of indefinite absorption of these extra expenses to keep prices stable forever. That’s why, as “costs continued to rise rapidly, we’ve made the decision to increase the price of some of our sets.”

They also warn that “the increment will be different depending on the set and prices will vary around a quarter. For some sets we will not change the price, for others there will be a single digit increase and for larger and more complex sets the percentage increase will be higher.”

So now you know, if you are after a set that you want to have yes or yes, the time has come for you to buy it before it costs you an arm and a leg.

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