The Windows 11 Store keeps getting better, but is it enough?

One of the most striking novelties of the new windows 11 is your app store. This store has been redesigned from top to bottom to improve the user experience. Apart from its interface change, very striking and necessary, Microsoft has also changed the policies of this store so that we can search and download all kinds of applications from it (not just UWP apps) and thus turn it into a unified all-in-one platform .

But this store is not finished yet. And, in preparation for the launch of the new Windows 11, Microsoft has released a fairly large update to its store. Update that, of course, can already be tested by Insider users.

All changes to the new Windows 11 Microsoft Store

The new version of the store is registered with the version 22107.1401.6.0. Unfortunately, this is not an update that is reaching all users at the same time, but Microsoft has only sent it to a few Insider to test that everything is fine and does not give problems.

The main objective of this new version is to improve the experience of using this store. To do this, Microsoft has continued to improve the animations introduced in the previous version, in addition to improving performance. The user experience has also been improved when installing new applications from the store and, finally, the scores and reviews of the applications.

Reviews Microsoft Store W11

Of course, Microsoft has also taken the opportunity to improve performance a bit general store and correct some of the many bugs that are still present in it.

To test this new version of the Microsoft Store we must be Windows 11 Insider users and, in addition, be on the Microsoft test list. If the new store does not appear, we will still have to wait a little longer, or look for it by other means.

Will these changes really be enough?

The truth is that the Windows 10 store had already become obsolete, apart from being very limited in many aspects. It was necessary to completely renew it for the new Windows 11, and relax the restrictions.

Now this store will not only be to download universal applications (which in the end very few of us use), but Microsoft will allow any developer to upload their own applications, even Win32, so that users can download them from this store. Unfortunately, Microsoft is not doing things well, and it is that, as we discussed this week, we are going to be able to download the applications, but not update them. Ultimately, apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store will end up being mostly obsolete.

And not only that, but Microsoft has a serious problem in its store with fake applications. To this day, there are still dozens of applications masquerading as VLC, Chrome, Firefox, and other popular applications. Applications that are either paid (was) or hide malware or advertisements (unwanted software). And Microsoft does nothing to prevent it.

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