They are used for 3D design, get to know FBX files thoroughly

Although the FBX format is proprietary to Autodesk, many modeling and animation applications can open this type of file. In this way, many creators have the possibility of sharing 3D models among themselves using this format, which is really efficient, since it is not in vain that it is capable of storing models as binary data.

how they can be used

Currently, developers are responsible for using FBX models to be able to exchange geometric data detailed, as well as animation data, including textures and colors between applications and platforms. It should be noted that most virtual reality and augmented reality platforms are capable of easily importing FBX files without the need for conversion.

However, when importing an FBX file, our program may not be able to import certain types of important data, such as polygons or lights. Likewise, we can also find problems when exporting textures. Yes OK the format default for this type of files it is binary, you can also save a file in the older ASCII format. In this way, we can open an ASCII file with a text editor, such as Notepad, to solve the problem. Of course, as far as possible it is not recommended to edit text files as they can easily distort the code.

Advantages and limitations of this format

FBX files are especially useful for exchanging 3D graphics, animations, and virtual reality files, so they are often used by artists who work with various types of equipment and applications. Among its advantages, it stands out for offering 2D and 3D support so that it can be channeled efficiently by most programs.

It is capable of quickly rendering skeleton animations, cameras, lighting effects, and even textures and colors between programs. In addition, it can be converted to formats such as OBJ, DXF, 3DS and DAE to adapt to the needs of each project or to the functionality of our editing program.

Although we are dealing with a widely used file format as well has some limitations. For example, we are dealing with a proprietary file format with a closed license. Imports are usually slow, so it is only recommended to really export those that we need. In addition, the preservation of their attributes during the import and export of these files will be based largely on the knowledge we have of the source and destination programs.

How to open files in Windows

Next, we are going to see different free programs that we can use to be able to open files in FBX format.

AutoDesk FBX Viewer

This free tool signed by AutoDesk will allow us to view FBX files, being compatible with platforms such as Windows, macOS and iOS. He is considered like one of the best programs to view this type of files in particular, as well as others related to 3D design.

AutoDesk FBX Viewer

Therefore, when opening an FBX file in this program, we are presented with different options to toggle between textures, frames, shading and lighting. At the same time it has support to deal with various camera angles created by the user, and allows us to easily switch between them. The software allows the user to view 3D content without using a 3D authoring tool, thereby helping to speed asset sharing and review for development teams. By using it, it is possible to switch between shading modes, animations, cameras and lighting options to better evaluate your 3D content. We can download it from this link to its official website.

ClockStone FBX Viewer

we talk about another fbx file viewer which is characterized by being very light and free for Windows. It is a very easy to use tool and supports several 3D file formats, in addition to the aforementioned FBX. It also has various functions for 3D processing such as real-time shading, post-renderingand at the same time you can easily view all the properties of FBX files.

ClockStone FBX Viewer

When executing the program, the first thing it will ask us is to select the 3D file that we want to open and then interact with the three-dimensional model, dragging and adjusting the zoom level with the scrolling of the mouse wheel. On the other hand, from the menu bar we can access the shading options, viewand effectsin addition to displaying all the properties of the FBX file we are dealing with.

We can download ClockStone FBX Viewer for free from its website.

Paint 3D

In this selection of programs with which to open 3D files, one that is integrated into the Microsoft operating system, both in Windows 10 and Windows 11, such as the popular Paint 3D, could not be missing.

It is a program that allows us to view FBX files in Windows and that represents an evolution of Paint, the legendary program from Redmond. In fact, Paint 3D allows us to develop models 2D and 3D and interact with them, supporting various 3D file formats that you can open and view.


Of course, the tool does not offer many other additional options, since it only shows the 3D model and allows us to see it from all angles, but there are no shadows, no lighting, metal structure or any other option. Even so, it can be considered as a quick option to view FBX files in case we don’t want to install other software exclusively for this purpose.

In case we have uninstalled it, we can reinstall it from the Microsoft Store.

Paint 3D
Paint 3D

Developer: Microsoft Corporation


Users used to working with 3D files may be familiar with Blender. It is an open source 3D infographic software, which we can also use to create 3D models, visual effects, animations and interactive three-dimensional applications.

It is one of the solutions more versatile to view FBX files, although with this software we will not only be able to interact with the FBX data, but we will also be able to edit and modify them. In this way, the program offers us information regarding shadows, effects, lighting, prospects and many more advanced options.


It is also important to note that we have the ability to view an FBX file by layers and view all its content from the file itself. blender. In order to correctly view an FBX file in Blender, it will be necessary to click on the File tab, then on Import and click on Import an FBX file.

We can download the latest version of Blender from its website.


Another of these programs for the treatment of FBX files is Bforartist. It is a powerful and powerful software suite for 3D content similar to Blender that puts in our hands many features and tools to see, create and manipulate 3D content.


The program has a user interface very easy to use and that allows us to open an FBX file in Windows and view all its data, including shadows, lighting, or effects, all layer by layer, for later processing. We can also edit the content of the FBX file, add/remove layers, add new elements and save it as a new FBX file.

To correctly open this file format, it is necessary to click on the File tab, then on Import and click on Import an FBX file. We can download Bforartist for free from the developer’s website.

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