This is how much electricity you spend when using an electric coffee maker

You have several options to know how much does your coffee maker consume every morning. You will see that it is simple and it is one more piece of information that can help you control the total consumption of your home, especially for the purpose of paying less on the electricity bill and saving each month.

See the consumption of the coffee maker

For know how much a coffee maker spends, you need to know its power. Normally it is between 700 W and 1000 W. It will depend on the exact model. They are becoming more efficient, so today it is not uncommon to find models that even drop below 500 W. However, we are going to use 700 W as an example, as an average of what is usually more common.

The next thing you should know is how long does the coffee maker take to heat and have the coffee ready. Again, it will depend on the model. There are some who can do it in 3-4 minutes, while others will take about 10 minutes. We are going to put, as an example average, 7 minutes in our hypothetical coffee maker.

We already know that it uses 700 Wh and that it takes 7 minutes to prepare the coffee. The next thing is to know the price of energy. It will depend on the rate you have contracted, whether or not you have hourly discrimination, etc. Let’s say that it costs you €0.15 per kWh. More or less, it will consume 82 W. That, translated into economic terms, is little more than €0.01.

If you use the coffee maker every day of the month, you can calculate that it will cost a little more than €0.30. Of course, as long as with the calculations that we have put, with a fictitious coffee maker of 700 W of consumption, 7 minutes of use and a price of light of €0.15 per kWh. The model you have may spend more or spend less.

You could also use a smart plug to see how much you spend with an electric coffee maker. These types of devices are useful to know the real cost of a device. Of course, it is necessary that it have the function of measuring energy. You can know in real time how much you are spending, how much you have spent after a while, etc.

Regarding consuming less energy, you can always optimize the use of energy at home. You can use energy efficient appliances And you can also apply the same when using the coffee maker. You could buy a more optimized model, for example, so that it needs fewer resources to heat the food.

In short, as you can see, an electric coffee maker has a low consumption. You won’t spend too much making coffee. However, it will depend on the model you have, since not all of them are the same. In general, calculate a little more than €0.01 each time you use it.

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