This is the surprise that dark mode presents us in Windows 11

In this way of Redmond They have a solid team that localizes and reports the errors that appear in the next Windows. It is worth mentioning that this will be launched at the end of this year and will be full of news. Of course, we must bear in mind that a good part of these refer to the more aesthetic than functional section of the software, a point is estimated to arrive for everyone in the month of October, although the firm will not abandon Windows 10.

Changes coming to Windows 11 audio

We tell you all this because we have just learned some interesting new information that will possibly catch your attention. Again it refers to the external aspect of the operating system, specifically it talks about the integrated sounds of the software. And it is that from what is known now it seems that Microsoft It will change sounds when you are in dark mode. That is, when we activate the dark mode in Windows, the software itself will automatically make the sounds more pleasant in general.

This way, when you are in dark mode in Windows 11system sounds generally become softer. In fact, there are users who assure that they do a bit of an echo. With all this, what is achieved is one more experience relaxing which matches the overall look of the dark mode. On the contrary, when you return to the clear mode, the system sounds return to their normal level.

However, while the light mode has slightly louder sounds than the system’s dark mode, Microsoft has taken great care to ensure that the audio is more relaxing overall. The designers of Windows 11 were inspired by an approach called technology of calm. So, from what they publicly reported, Windows 11 facilitates this through different experiences that feel more familiar. This softens the previously intimidating user interface and increases emotional connection, they argue.

What does this new set of system sounds give us?

Lots of Windows 10 users turn off the sounds of the system because they find them somewhat intrusive or annoying. On the contrary, this is expected not to be a problem in Windows 11.

Another curious fact in this same regard that has been released is that new sounds have a wavelength that makes them much softer. But they will not stop being effective because they can still alert you or notify you about system events, but without being annoying.

Once we know all this, we can say that Microsoft is launching a constant flow of new features for Windows 11. Now we just have to know and wait what will be the next novelty that the firm based in Redmond has us ready for your new OS.

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