Three Major Technological Innovations in Bingo Gaming

Over the past few years, the online gambling sector has remained buoyant as an industry. It has kept on growing and expanding into new markets and areas. Its success is down to a range of factors: improved security, accountability, and usability. However, it has been innovation that has driven it the most. Below, we share three ways bingo games have pushed boundaries when it comes to technology. 

Social Engagement

Many games now offer live experiences where a caller is in a studio and live-streams play elements to a device, with which players interact. These activities may involve dealing cards or spinning roulette wheels. 

It is not just traditional table games that use live-stream experiences either. Hybrid games now exist that blend the traditional with gameshow style elements. In games such as bingo, traditionally played in halls, players online now have a huge range of choices. They can choose progressive games, ones that blend bingo with live gameshow elements, and smaller, quick games. Free bingo is available on most websites for casual players. Others can then select from a wide range of games if they deposit on the platform, with those who want the full experience playing live, interactive options. 

Part of the appeal when visiting a casino is the interaction with others- such as the croupier, players, and staff at the venue. This can be hard to replicate in an online environment but that has not stopped the industry from trying.


Despite a recent drop in confidence, cryptocurrency is still an excellent partner for bingo. This is due to its high levels of security and it also brings the increased privacy that comes with crypto. All of this has been noticed by the industry, and they now have dedicated casinos and sites that deal in crypto to cater to it. 

There are even specific cryptocurrency games that can be played. Of course, the main drawback is the current volatility. When patrons enter a physical casino and exchange money for chips, it is done in a hard currency that does not fluctuate as many crypto coins have done. However, one of the payoffs is that it allows patrons to deposit and withdraw instantaneously, which is rare in online bingo providers. 

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is when a game takes a small percentage from each played. This then goes into a larger pot, which can be won by one lucky player. Previously, progressive jackpots in physical bingo halls would involve a large amount, created from bingo games played around the country in a company’s halls. 

With online bingo, linking for progressive jackpots goes even further. Online bingo sites are worldwide affairs, so these jackpots can quickly reach huge amounts. Some of them may cover certain countries, websites, or games created by different developers. Many of them may even have a timer so that jackpots have to be won by a given day or time. Playing these games can increase the likelihood of bagging the prize, but remember it always comes down to chance. 

Where the industry goes next remains to be seen. Many would look to the concept of the Metaverse but as it has yet to develop, online bingo will do what it always does best: Make playing great games even easier and better.

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