uncensored trailer for the Vox Machina series

Amazon Prime Video unveils the trailer for its new animated series Vox Machina, trash and gore at will.

The universe of Dungeons & Dragons invites itself to Amazon Prime Video. The platform will broadcast an adaptation of Vox Machina, one of the campaigns led by the band Critical Role between 2015 and 2017. This American web-series, produced by Geek & Sundry, featured professional voice actors as they played Dungeons & Dragons, a bit like The Good Inn in France.

This online success has obviously attracted the attention of the platform, which will adapt one of their adventures for an animated series. Baptized Vox Machina, she follows the adventures of a band of outsiders who have become mercenaries. More interested in cheap beer than protecting the kingdom, they will nevertheless have to fight dark forces that threaten it. What started out as a simple mission will turn into the story of the origins of the new heroes of Exandria.

In the vocal casting, we will find a good part of the original team. The actors of the show will thus resume their role and lend their voices to the animated version of their characters. Thus, Ashley Johnson will camp Pike Trickfoot, a clerical gnome of Sarenrae (the goddess of redemption in the universe). The actress has notably appeared in Avengers, where she encamped a waitress who helplessly witnessed the destruction of New York by the Chitauris. She will give the reply to Laura Bailey (Avengers Gathering), Taliesin Jaffe (2010: the year of first contact) and Travis Willingham (Spider-Man: Miles Morales).

Trash, gore and funky

Amazon Prime Video has just unveiled the first uncensored trailer, which is definitely not in the lace. Carter’s language, bloodshed and magic, the production is aimed at fans of animation for adults. Not to be put in all hands therefore.

Since Rick and morty, the platforms multiply the productions of the genre. Amateurs are numerous and Amazon Prime Video has understood this well. As a reminder, the platform is also developing an animated series linked to the universe of The Boys, which still has it should give us our share of violence, explicit scenes and colorful insults.

Before discovering Diabolical on Amazon Prime Video, the platform gives us an appointment on January 28th with Vox Machina. The platform is also rather confident about the reception that will be reserved for it since it has already ordered a second burst of episodes.

It must be said that the Kickstarter campaign, led by Critical Role, had been a success. It had in particular made it possible to add a few episodes to this first season, it remains to be seen whether, apart from the fans of the show, it manages to find its audience and to establish itself as the success that Amazon hopes.

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