What is the new PS5 price? Why has it gone up?

In just a few months, PlayStation will be in its second year on the market. However, for many potential customers, the PS5 It is a totally unknown console. The lack of stock and speculation they have done a lot of damage to Sony’s next generation console, which has prevented people from going to the store to buy it as they normally would. The current situation and the inflation. Sony published a few days ago that the PlayStation 5 PVP would go up for practically all markets. Let’s talk about the reasons and its new price.

The PS5 goes up in price and these are the reasons


A few days ago, an official press release from Sony set off alarms throughout the gaming. For the first time in history, a console saw increased its official sale price. No change of chassis or any kind of redesign. The opposite of what we are used to seeing.

During these last two years, the Sony console has had to face several adverse situations. In the first place, the stoppage of the processor manufacturers completely suffocated the production of the PS5, since the prices of the silicon wafers they shot up The stock of the PlayStation 5 was never what it should have been. And, our friends joined the party speculators. With few units in circulation, it was easy for them to withdraw stock from stores and mark a much more inflated selling price themselves. Most of the time, the tactics used to buy the stock could even be considered criminal.

And the final tip has been the inflation. In our country, 2022 is being quite hard, since we have already experienced a price increase of more than 10%. This situation is not very different in other parts of the world, so Sony has been seen to some extent forced to raise prices to continue maintaining its profit margin.

In Europe, the PS5 with reader now it will be valid €549.99. the fully version digital will be worth a few from now €449.99.

In other countries, the price increase is also equivalent. At the moment, the country that seems to have escaped the rise is precisely the United States. To a certain extent, Sony’s tactic does not surprise us. It is foreseeable that the euro will continue to fall against the dollar, and the forecast of interest rate hike from United States is more optimistic than in our continent.

How to find the cheap PlayStation 5

Can the PS5 still be found at a lower price? Well, we’re sorry to say no.

In fact, unlike the Xbox Series X, the PlayStation 5 has hardly seen its previous PVP in stores. The Microsoft console, for its part, can be purchased without problems at its recommended price and at the moment it does not seem that it will experience a price increase.

Right now, finding a PlayStation 5 at its PVP is already an offer in itself. In most stores on the Internet, the price of the Sony console continues with absurd prices that sometimes exceed 700 euros.

However, this price increase could give Sony some oxygen ahead of Christmas. If the stock ends up normalizing, it will be relatively easy to get hold of a console and game bundle at a price that does not exceed too much that new official PVP that has just been established.

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