What’s new in Twitch for iOS 15 is just what I needed

That Twitch is one of the fashionable platforms with the most future today is a fact. That is why Amazon, the company behind its development, always tries to implement improvements and adapt to the different systems in which it is integrated. Just yesterday they confirmed a new functionality that will be integrated with iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12, and tvOS 15. A new role that personally makes me very happy.

SharePlay now available for Twitch

The possibility of sharing screen in FaceTime is a reality since the arrival of the new operating systems, although this is not so much the great novelty as SharePlay. This is a function that allows enjoy multimedia content simultaneously with the rest of the participants of the call. You can even share the playback controls, making it pause and resume at the same time so everyone is on par.

Apple TV + or Apple Music are native platforms that already had this functionality, but beyond HBO, there are very few platforms external to the Californian company that have integration with SharePlay. However, since yesterday, it can already be carried out with Twitch, making it possible to reproduce streams simultaneously in a simple FaceTime call.

A very underrated functionality

On a personal note, this is a novelty that doubly excites me. And it is that much has been said about some novelties of iOS 15 and company such as the Live Text functions or the new modes of concentration. However, SharePlay is one of the most interesting in my opinion and one that I have enjoyed using it the most.

In times of long-distance friendships due to a pandemic, being able to enjoy a series or movie with a loved one without having to be in the same room is something exciting. Before, the most normal thing, at least in my case, was that each one saw that content for their part and if anything, they would comment on it on Telegram. Now, thanks to SharePlay, we can comment on the movie live and even stop it simultaneously if one has to go to the bathroom and thus prevent one from going ahead of the other (many spoilers are avoided).

On the other hand, I am happy that Twitch is precisely the one who has encouraged to join this function. I was aware of the potential of Twitch a long time ago, although in the end I have always seen it as a platform for young people (and I have not yet reached my thirties). I also saw it too focused on the area of ​​videogames, without this being precisely a sector that I am passionate about.

However, in a few months now, I have really discovered Twitch and the number of creators who manage to entertain me with their live shows every day. And, of course, without being focused on video games, since I have been slow to realize that it is such a gigantic platform that it will be strange not to find a streaming of a theme that I like, since the variety is increasing. And now being able to enjoy those live shows with friends seems even more attractive to me.

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