Woman asks her partner for help to live with them and ends up being recorded and sexually abused for hours

A young woman finished sexually abused for several hours by a couple who considered his friends to the point of asking for their help to let her live at home for a while. The woman was taken to the basement of the house and there her friends abused her for six continuous hours while she was filmed by her friend’s cousin.

“What they did was make me feel unloved, ashamed and alone. Sometimes I have voices in my head that tell me I’m worthless. He was a cheerful and lively person, But now I am depressed“Said the victim Collen smith in an interview for the British newspaper Daily Star.

Collen was desperately seeking to stay somewhere to live away from home (motives were not disclosed) and asked his friends for help. Samantha hart and Charlie olding to move in with them in October 2020.

At first everything was going well and almost three weeks later, Collen began to witness constant arguments between the couple. One night, another of Collen’s friends texted her asking her out to a pub in the UK.

Her friend noticed a bad feeling

During his departure, Collen received several messages from Samantha Hart and Charlie Olding, a situation that seemed strange to the woman since they never called her so much. “My partner told me that did not come back and had the instinct that something bad was going to happen. I told her not to be stupid and that nothing would happen, ”Collen said.

After the constant calls, Collen finally returned home after her friend took her, and there her ordeal would begin. Hart and Olding were waiting for her hidden in an alley next to their home and when they saw her arrive, Collen was suddenly received by a strong blow to her face while they took her cell phone and threw it on a nearby train tracks.

When they took her home, they subdued her and took her to the basement where they began to abuse her while the then-underage Lee Kitchiner, Olding’s cousin, recorded the abuse. Despite having received the damage, the woman managed to escape once their attackers went up to their rooms to sleep.

“It was around 11:30 in the morning and I just walked. I ran and ran to my friend’s house. I thought: if I don’t run I will die; If I don’t run, I will leave and my family will not even know it, ”said Collen, who fortunately for her managed to be safe.

The trio of assailants were arrested and after their hearing, the couple were sentenced to 22 years in prison between the two, while Olding’s cousin was sentenced to two years. Collen decided to share his experience to encourage other survivors who may be dealing with the same nightmare and decide to ask for help and do justice.

With information from Daily Star.


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