Y: The Last Man, that’s why the series was canceled (but all is not lost)

Let’s go back to dealing once again with the sudden and strange cancellation of Y: The last man, the FX TV series made for Hulu, based on the comics of Brian K. Vaughan, arrived in Italy on Disney +. The programming of the first season of Y: The Last Man is not in fact finished yet but the series has already been officially canceled and, now, perhaps, we know the reason why.

Here’s why Y: The last man was canceled

A rather in-depth analysis of the situation and the background of the story was published in these hours on THR, where an attempt was made to reconstruct the story that led to the premature cancellation of the series.

It is no longer unusual for the series to be closed after only one season but, in almost all cases, they expect to know the results of the ratings to understand if a show will have a future or not. One thing that wasn’t done with Y: The Last Man.

According to the original article, sources close to the production reported that the decision to cancel the series was made on October 15, the date on which the agreements with the cast of the show expired.

The problems of the series, from 2018 to today

After numerous problems faced with the change of showrunner and the main protagonist (originally the part was entrusted to Barry Keoghan, who was later replaced by Ben Schnetzer), the series had to deal with the situation related to COVID and production entered live only in October 2020; when the money had all been spent on extending options to various cast members.

If we then think that the pilot was still ordered in 2018 and Michael Green and Aida Croal (the original showrunners) have been estranged over time due to creative differences, it is clear that the series was not born under a lucky star.

After moving production from FX to Hulu (both owned by Disney anyway), the new showrunner, Eliza Clark, has proposed plans for a second season of the show, but apparently the costs to further extend cast options were too hefty for FX.

Hence the decision to close everything. Or maybe not?

Y: Last Man 2 could still see the light

According to the same sources, it seems that HBO Max is interested in buying the series but at the moment nothing has been definitively decided yet. Probably, in this particular case, the network will wait to see the overall listening results of the show to make a decision.

Are you watching the first season of Y: The Last Man? What do you think of its cancellation? Let us know via a comment below!

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