You do it everyday! This causes you to have viruses and steal your data on the Internet

What mistakes to avoid to avoid data theft or malware

Be aware that hackers can use multiple strategies to achieve your goals. But something that is always present is that they need the victim to make a mistake. They are going to need you to do something wrong, such as clicking on a bogus link, exposing certain data, or installing some dangerous program.

Exposing too much information

A very common mistake that many people make is give too much information on the internet. This especially happens on social networks such as Facebook. For example, put data such as e-mail, telephone number, place of work, work information… All of this can even be used to sneak in viruses.

Why is this happening? Hackers can collect that information to launch custom phishing campaigns. It basically consists of sending an email to the victim where they make them believe that it really is a secure email, they put data that is familiar to them and they look for them to click to download malware or set passwords.

Trust any program

It is also common to install applications without actually seeing if they are trustworthy. It happens a lot on the computer, but also on the mobile. In many cases we trust that a page really does not have malware and decide to click to install something that later turns out to be false.

Be careful with this and always check very well everything you install. Always go to official pages, but also read other people’s comments and make sure that it is something legitimate.

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Don’t make backups

It is important that you always do Backups, especially the most important files that you don’t want to lose. But the reality is that in many cases we overlook this and that can be a real problem when losing documents that can be vital to our day to day.

Therefore, our advice is to make backup copies of your devices. This will undoubtedly help you to have everything protected. In case you suffer a ransomware attack, for example, you will be able to recover the files without problems. You can even go so far as to backup Wi-Fi for any issues that may arise.

Having the device without antivirus or without updating

This is not so common, but it is possible to make mistakes. That is, in many cases we do have anti virus, but not one that works correctly. Sometimes we use the first one we see and we don’t make sure it’s the right one for our mobile or computer. You should check very well what you install.

You should also make sure you always have updated the operating system, but also any program or drivers. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise and it is convenient to have everything ready so that they cannot exploit those flaws.

In short, as you can see, it is important to avoid making mistakes that can cause them to steal personal data, passwords or sneak viruses. Review what we have shown and if you do something like this in your day to day, correct it as soon as possible to improve protection and avoid problems.

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