Apple ranks #1 in customer satisfaction for the Mac (and iPad)

OLED MacBook Air

One of the best devices from the apple company is the Mac. It doesn’t matter which version you have or choose. We are talking about one of the best computers on the market today, and since the new Apple Silicon chips have been implemented, even more so. The power, efficiency and effectiveness that these computers reach with the new Chips M1, M2 and in the future the M3, are brutal. So much so that no one questions Apple’s hegemony in this field. But it is also reaches number 1 in customer satisfactionwhich may be the ranking that most interests the company.

Computer satisfaction survey.  winning apple

One of the most difficult tasks facing a company like Apple is the competition, of course. However, there is a much more determining factor than that. We talk about customer satisfaction. If it is achieved, the company knows that the same person who just bought a MacBook Pro will come in two or three years to renew or improve it. Having captured customers for life, ensures the existence of the company.

Apple has captured millions of customers and not only the account numbers say so, but also the satisfaction surveys that are made to customers. Apple reaches number 1 and reaches that position thanks to Macs and iPads. The ACSI Home Appliances and Electronics Study is a report that covers from July 2021 to June 2022 and is used to monitor how consumers feel about their experience with various providers. Once again, Apple is seen outperforming its rivals in the PC category. On a 100-point scale, the American company achieved a score of 82, topping the table. This is the same result and score that Apple achieved in the 2021 version of the report.

The report is based on interviews with 9,271 customers, chosen at random and contacted throughout the year. Respondents were asked to rate their experiences with recently purchased products, covering the top vendors by market share.

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