Apple TV + celebrates Jim Henson’s 85th birthday with 3 special episodes of The Fraggle, to the rhythm of rock

On September 24, Jim Henson, the creator of the Faggle Rock, I would have turned 85. To celebrate, Apple has published on Apple TV + three new special episodes, three new episodes that we can find in the section Los Fraguels, to the rhythm of rock.

It should be remembered that Apple TV + also the 5 seasons of Los Fraguel. Unlike The Fraguels, the Serie The Fraguels to the rhythm of rock They are not translated into Spanish, but are only available with English audio, but with the possibility of adding subtitles in Spanish.

The three special episodes are:

  • Down at Fraggle Rock, Presented and executive produced by Jim Henson featuring the performers, artists and, of course, the puppets that bring the series to life, this one-hour special reveals the magic behind the production of the whimsical fantasy series. . Diana Birkenfield and David Gumpel serve as producers.
  • Doozer music, a compilation of music featuring the industrious Doozers’ favorite songs such as “Doozer Work Theme” and “Doozer Marching Song,” featuring performances by Uncle Traveling Matt and Cotterpin Doozer and produced by Jim Henson, Lawrence S. Mirkin and Duncan. Kenworthy.
  • Fraggle Songs, another musical compilation highlighting popular tunes from the first season of “Fraggle Rock,” including “Friendship Song,” “Beetle Song,” and “Convincing John,” and is produced by Jim Henson, Lawrence S. Mirkin, and Duncan Kenworthy.

At the time of writing this article, the three new episodes are not available in Spain but in the United States, but it will be a matter of days before they are available. Most likely, the subtitles are not yet available in Spanish.

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