Beastars 3 will be done: the anime will continue with a new story arc

Apparently Beastars 3 it will be done and if we really do not find ourselves in front of a third season of the anime taken from the manga of Paru Itagaki, surely we will be able to count on an animated feature film that will continue the story of Legoshi, Louis, Haru, Juno and all the other protagonists of the anime Netflix.

The official confirmation comes directly from Studio Orange, responsible for the animations of the series, which with a Twitter post revealed the creation of a new narrative arc.

Confirmed the production of Beastars 3

At the moment, therefore, we do not know if this will therefore be a new season or, as previously mentioned, something different. So we just have to wait for further details that certainly will not be long in coming.

What is Beastars about?

Based on the shonen manga by Paru Itagaki, published in Italy by Panini Comics via the label Planet Manga, Beastars is set in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals that sees the coexistence (at times forced) between herbivores and carnivores, with characters very close to us and in which we can recognize some typical characteristics of human society, declined through a point of view animal and much more instinctive.

The protagonist of Beastars is Legoshi, a gray wolf student of the Cherryton Institute. Despite his goodness of mind and the rare kindness that characterizes him, Legoshi is hated and feared by his companions because of the prejudices about his species.

At school he shares the dorm with other canines and is part of the drama club, where he works behind the scenes and serves as a chaperone to the club’s rising star, the red deer Louis.

When the alpaca Tem, Legoshi’s companion, is found dead, the protagonist inevitably falls under the suspicions of many students with the kind wolf who, after meeting the defenseless but uninhibited bunny Haru, begins to feel the animalistic impulses that he always has. repressed.

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