Create funny memes with these programs for Windows

Memes have their main use within forums, messaging applications, social networks and news websites where we can usually find them. The aim is to convey an original idea in something completely new or to portray any event or idea in an alternate and fun way.

Requirements of a good meme creator

Making our own memes does not have to be a complicated task, even if we are inexperienced users in the field. For this we can find on the Internet a good number of applications specially developed to facilitate our work. With them we should not have any previous knowledge as they must have the necessary elements to carry out our work. Some of the key points that a good meme creator should have are:

  • Incorporate default templates, on which to create your own meme.
  • Possibility of inserting our own images.
  • Incorporate faces, emojis, logos to insert.
  • Being able to insert and move text throughout the template.
  • Change the font, color or style of the text.
  • Save creations to your computer
  • Export the creations to social networks from the application.

Along with these features, it is also important that the program has a clear interface with all the tools well organized. In this way, the creations of our own memes will be as fun as it is simple.

Create funny memes on Windows with these programs

If you want to be able to create your own memes from your Windows computer, we present a series of programs with which to create them and unleash our imagination to surprise our friends and family.

Meme Generator, intuitive to create memes quickly

We start with an application very simple and intuitive that will facilitate navigation through the program, being possible that any user can use it without too many complications. It has a good number of preloaded templates, many of them very famous that will be of great help to us to create our own memes. In the event that we do not like the templates we can access your meme application store to obtain more templates. When creating the meme we can write a line both at the top and bottom and save our creations directly on the computer.

Meme Generator is a free application that we can download safely from the Microsoft Store


Developer: Naveen CS

Meme Generator

iMeme, with more than 100 built-in templates

It is a free meme generator that incorporates more than 100 built-in templates, among which are some of the most popular. Along with your templates we can also upload images from our computer, add custom text, headers and footers, modifying both the size and the alignment and save the result as an image PNG, being able to send it through “imgur” and “Reddit” or print them. Maybe we miss the possibility of being able to change the font or that it had integration with Twitter.

We can download iMeme for free by clicking here.


Free Meme Creator, create memes with various fonts and colors

We are now talking about a simple and free application with which we can create our own memes. In order to use it, it will be necessary to download and open black and white templates as it does not have built-in predefined templates, something that may be its main negative point. We can also search for the template on our own and add it to the program. In the template we can add a title that we can place anywhere of this, as well as subtitles. It also has several fonts and colors available, changing its size, so that we can play with different styles. Once we have edited our meme we can save the image in JPG.

If you want to try Free Meme Creator, just download it from this link.

Free Meme Creator for Windows

Troll Face & Meme Sticker, create memes with a high level of customization

We now turn to an application a little different from the previous ones. To use it, it will be necessary to use our own templates as it does not have any loaded by default. Once our image or template is uploaded we can use your collection of stickers, texts, effects and titles to create completely original funny memes. It is possible to decorate an image with troll stickers and emojis, add texts with different fonts and colors. Once done, we can save them on our computer and publish it on our social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, etc.

Download Troll Face & Meme Sticker for free from the Microsoft Store

Troll Face & Meme Stickers
Troll Face & Meme Stickers

Developer: Fruit Candy

Troll Face & Meme Stickers

Meme Generator Suite, create memes with blank template or image

We are talking about an application that stands out for its modern and intuitive interface from where we can easily find our desired template within its catalog. It offers us the possibility of using both popular memes like those that are trending at all times, and even download more templates from the application itself. We can also create our own personalized memes by uploading our own image from our computer or capturing an image from the webcam. The application allows us to add text on both the top and bottom, use an uppercase font (although it cannot be changed) or add an outline to our text to make it more visually attractive. In addition, we can move the text anywhere in the template without limits. Once created we can save it on our PC or share it directly on Facebook from the application.

We can download Meme Generator Suite for free from the Microsoft Store

Meme Generator Suite
Meme Generator Suite

Developer: Trisquel Apps

Meme Generator Suite

Meme Maker, simplicity for less demanding users

It’s about a simple meme maker with a somewhat old and outdated interface where it incorporates some 40 templates available to facilitate the work of our creations. It also offers us the possibility of inserting our own images to use them as a template. We cannot change the scrolling of the text within the template, as it offers four fields to insert text, each in a different location within the template. It does allow us to change both the font and the color and size of the text so that we can adapt it to our liking.

Meme Maker can be downloaded for free from the Windows app store

Meme maker
Meme maker

Developer: Muhammad Ali

Meme maker

Rage Maker, freely set any type of meme

Finally, we are talking about a completely free flash application for Windows with which to create our own memes. By default it does not include templates or emoticons, so it will be necessary to download them from its website or from the application itself. Once downloaded, we will have a wide variety of templates, faces and logos available for our creations. When creating the meme we will only have to enter the text (in any size, font or color) and this software will allow us to freely scale, place or rotate the template, as well as the freehand drawing. The application supports formats such as JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP.

To test Rage Maker we can download it for free from its website.

Rage Maker

What program to create memes to use?

As we have seen, we have a good number of programs with which we can create and personalize our own memes. They all have in common that they are free so we can download and test them to see which one best meets our needs without having to pay a euro. None is perfect and what we win, on the one hand, we may lose on the other, so depending on our priorities we can choose between one or the other. Even so, perhaps among them we could highlight iMeme and Meme Generator Suite as the most complete and that we should not stop trying.

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