Escape from New York: John Carpenter has ideas for sequels

Director John Carpenter claimed to have some tricks up his sleeve and new ideas for two sequels to 1997: Escape from New York, the action movie with protanista Jena Plissken interpreted by Kurt Russell.

Carpenter, a very active director between the 80s and 90s whose last film was in 2010, has revealed that the character of Jena, as has already had its sequel, could also have a third and fourth chapter.

For John Carpenter, there may be two sequels to Escape from New York

It was thanks to the success of Halloween, 1978 horror film, which John Carpenter in 1981 he managed to make the science fiction classic 1997: Escape from New York.

He wrote the original screenplay for the film in 1976 but at the time, according to Carpenter, “nobody wanted it. It was too violent, too scary, too strange“. Upon its release in 1981 it was a critical and box office success, so much so that Carpenter was reunited with Kurt Russell to make the sequel, Escape from Los Angeles, in 1996.

While the Halloween saga appears to be continuing Carpenter’s path, the director links up with another of his franchises. Speaking to Total Film he admitted that there may still be a lot to tell for the character played by Kurt Russell.

He is a character that Kurt is passionate and fond of. He convinced me to do the sequel and there’s probably a third or maybe fourth story to tell about Jena. I don’t know if we’ll ever make it, but I think he deserves it.

If Carpenter isn’t sure to make them, fans definitely want to see something new starring Jena Plissken. There have been a few attempts to reboot the franchise over the years that never started and it’s hard to imagine a Jena Plissken story without Kurt Russell. His son too Wyatt Russell, recently seen in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, has said several times that he doesn’t even want to consider playing that role.

With Jamie Lee Curtis returning to Halloween, there’s no reason why Kurt Russell cannot return to those of Jena. Definitely all fans of 1997: Escape from New York they are waiting for nothing more than to see the beloved character in another incredible adventure.

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