Gay couple adopt little sisters so as not to separate them; history touches the networks

The history that starred Aníbal and Gabriel has gone around the world and has touched millions of people who see in them an example of life; both make up a gay couple living in Argentina, which decided to adopt two sisters with the objective that they were not separated by living with two families different.

It all started when couple, who has been together for 24 years, was looking to have a son or daughter, however, they did not imagine that fate would lead them to have two daughters instead of just one, since they met Augustine and Camila, two sisters aged 7 and 11, and decided adopt them to prevent them from being separated.

In an interview with the Argentine newspaper “Clarín” they assured that at first they wanted adopt to a child between zero and five years of age, however, after learning of the existence of the sisters They changed their minds and decided to adopt both of them.

How did the adoption process happen?

Hannibal related that when they found out that Augustine and Camila wanted to be adopted, she spoke with her partner to ask her the following: “I told Gabriel: ‘We are 45 years old, how much longer are we going to wait? We’re going to end up being the boys ‘grandparents.’ And there we ask to expand the range of age for older boys, “he declared.

Finally, the decision was made after returning from holidays, upon receiving a notification from the court in which they were informed that there were two girls in adoption, which were older than the range they were looking for; However, a detail made them put attention in her case, since, in addition to being sisters, they were about to be separated.

“They told us the history of the girls and we decided to go meet them, “Aníbal explained. After several times they lived together, they finally decided to adopt both, since they were also teenagers They declared that they felt comfortable with him. “The judge told us that girls They said they felt very good about us and that they wanted to go live with us. I couldn’t stop crying, “Aníbal recalled.

Once this decision was made, the process of adoption; the marriage narrated to the “Clarín” that from the beginning it was easy to adapt, since the little ones never showed discomfort or homophobia towards them. To differentiate them, the adolescents began calling one “daddy” and the other “daddy.”

“They got in the car and another stage began. relationship It became established over time, after all the first phase, which is not easy, the best part is coming. On the first day, Agustina at home drew the family. Made it to GabrielHe put them in the middle and me on the other side. He called Gaby ‘daddy’ and I was called ‘daddy’. They solve it easy, “he declared. Hannibal remembering that first day at home.


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