How to play Atomic Heart at a cheaper price on PC (and Xbox)

We have had an absolutely incredible start to the year, at least as far as quality video games are concerned, with several names that are making us lose sleep. gamers. The first of them has been Hogwarts Legacy but the following is this that we bring you right now and that has managed to captivate both critics and audiences: is called Atomic Heart and it is a shooter one of those that one missed in the market.

A retrofuturistic dystopia

The point is that Atomic Heart He was already pointing out ways from his first videos posted on YouTube, when we began to see that post World War II aspect seasoned with strangely futuristic technology. A Soviet world that has triumphed thanks to its advanced discoveries and who seems to live in a happy world, until things get out of hand and then it’s time to remedy it.

A game that is as simple as it is effective, reminiscent at times of that disturbing environment of Rapture in Bioshock (saving the distances) and that bases all of its gameplay on a character with a glove magical, capable of controlling energy to channel it as if it were a weapon, and to which we can adjust its limited skill tree to enhance almost supernatural powers. That, without leaving aside an arsenal that includes axes, pistols, rifles and other options of greater caliber.

The game is liking and since you surely want to get your hands on it to try it – which everyone says is so much fun – we are going to give you several alternatives to buy it cheaper right now and play it on behalf of the extinct Soviet Union.

Atomic Heart.

For PC and consoles, on offer

For the first alternative, we are going to stay with a resource that, of course, is VERY interesting: it is called Xbox Game Pass, where Atomic Heart has come directly. So whether you have a PC or an Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S, you can play it all for the barely 14 euros that the Ultimate subscription will cost you, which includes being able to enjoy it on your computer for a month as well. What do you need 60 days to finish it well, calmly? Well then, instead of 14, it will cost you 28 euros… cheaper than any edition that we are going to talk about below.

Now, if what you want is to own it, forever, then you must go buy it on PC through a digital key, in this case for Steam, that Fanatical sells on its website and that has an 18% discount in all cases. That means that both the normal edition and the Premium as well as the atomic pass (the season pass), you can get them with a more than interesting discount. Especially being as we are in the first days of launch.

In this way, this is how the offers remain:

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